AI Magazine Issue 9 2018

10 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2018 ExecThread is an online community built by and for the world’s best executives. We profile the firm, which was recently named Most Outstanding Executive Recruitment Platform – 2018 in our prestigious 2018 Global Excellence Awards, to find out more. ounded in 2015, ExecThread, Inc., is a venture-backed start-up and premium network of highly qualified and carefully vetted executives and aspiring executives who discreetly share career-advancing job opportunities with each other. The solution’s community-driven approach has led it to become the largest aggregator of hidden executive-level job opportunities. Stemming from personal experience, the platform aims to offer a user-friendly approach to executive recruitment. After all, the problem with looking for an executive job today is that many of the best opportunities are not publicly listed. As a result, the job discovery process becomes opaque and exclusionary for executives, who miss hearing about potentially perfect career-advancing opportunities. Joe Meyer, founder of ExecThread, experienced this inefficiency first-hand during his own job search when he realized that executives cannot make their best career move if they passively wait for recruiters to present them with a lead, or expect peers to alert them to job opportunities. As a result, Joe changed his focus from looking for a job to figuring out how to reinvent the job discovery process for executives. The result was ExecThread, a crowdsourced platform that enables executives to be in the know about the best career opportunities around the world. Alongside supporting executives and potential job candidates, the solution also supports the firms recruiting for these roles. ExecThread has Company: ExecThread, Inc. Contact: Joe Meyer Address: 49 W 38th Street, New York, 10018, USA Website: An Executive Solution for Executive Recruitment F 1806AI12 built a real-time matching engine that leverages proprietary intent and qualifications data, which in turn enables it to deliver “shortlists” of high quality and highly targeted exec-level candidates within 24 hours, thereby allowing hiring companies to get straight to the interview phase within 72 hours or less of working with the solution. Ultimately, ExecThread is a community of high- quality executives. Each applicant is carefully reviewed to ensure that the ExecThread community remains of the highest quality, and all job opportunities are proactively contributed to us by ExecThread members. These members were either directly approached by an executive recruiter about the opportunity, or they learned about it from someone in their network. Most of these job opportunities will not be found on any public job board. This unique solution, which supports both candidates and recruiters, will continue to adapt to meet the needs of every service user over the coming years as it seeks to better support them and maintain its status as a true revolutionary in the executive recruitment space. “The result was ExecThread, a crowdsourced platform that enables executives to be in the know about the best career opportunities around the world.”