AI Issue 9 2017

48 Acquisition International - September 2017 A Key Player in Malta’s Success Story the structuring of shipping groups, assisting in ship and yacht registration, registration of mortgages, arrests and other enforcement measures and other legal assistance catered, according to the needs and requirements of the client.” LexPractis can assist in providing Maltese tax advice to local and international entities, to maximise fiscal efficiency, which may be achieved with the appropriate planning and structuring. They can assist in issues related to direct and indirect tax, as well as if this applies to individuals and/or legal entities. Malta enjoys an extensive and expanding double tax treaty network, with over 70 jurisdictions. Joseph is keen to tell us his reflections on the firm achieving the exclusive Leading Adviser of the Year – Malta accolade, within the Leading Adviser Awards 2017. He also highlights the opportunities that a firm such as LexPractis encounters in the region. “This prestigious accolade is an achievement and we thank you for this opportunity to profile the firm. Our country is small, but it has a lot to offer, especially in the financial services sector. We are pleased to contribute to Malta’s success story in this area and shall strive to continue to provide clients with a professional and efficient service. “Malta has earned a strong reputation, as an ideal regional centre for financial services and expansion- oriented business. The world is changing, the financial sector is dynamic and we look forward to face the challenges of the future. Joseph then provides us with his concluding remarks, which include the nature of the firm’s client base and the vital role of the internal staff. “The firm’s clients are diverse and active in various industries, both locally and abroad. Still, we recognise and appreciate that a singular common characteristic defines them. That is their demand for a quick reaction and an effective customised response from us, both of which should properly addresses their requirements and interests, as they arise. The team is set up around each individual client, whereby we combine the optimum mix of proficiency and expertise, to meet the needs of the client. “The firm are both determined and dedicated, to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the outcome our client would like to achieve. We are geared to meet the clients’ changing, differing requirements and interests. As such, we are committed to provide the clients with a personalised service of the highest quality and to do so speedily, but also with due care and diligence. “Finally, I would like to highlight that we are a team at LexPractis and as such, all our staff play an important role. The key to the success of LexPractis is that we all seek to give the best service possible to our members, but this can only be achieved if staff members are motivated, as well as given responsibilities so they can excel.”