Issue 8 2023

Issue 8 2023, Acquisition International | 9 The Enchanted Living of New Mexico Senior Assisted Living facility is much loved and respected by its residents, and their extended families. It is the recipient of some fantastic feedback, with many relatives eager to point out how caring the staff are, and how it is just the sort of place you want your loved ones to be looked after. The sense of family provided by this incredible living facility is one of the things that comes across in the testimonies, as well as the warm and loving nature that is imparted to all residents. It is little wonder the facility’s much-admired CEO and Administrator has now been recognised with a prestigious award. The Influential Businesswoman Awards has bestowed Most Influential Healthcare CEO 2023 (Albuquerque): Danielle DaCosta. Well done to Danielle, and all the work she is doing to maintain and promote such a wonderful healthcare facility. Company: Enchanted Living Of New Mexico Healthcare, Inc. Web Address: Contact Name: Danielle DaCosta Most Influential Healthcare CEO 2023 (Albuquerque): Danielle DaCosta Located in the Enchanted Hills suburb of Rio Rancho, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the appropriately named Enchanted Living of New Mexico Healthcare is a senior assisted living facility. It provides a patient centred model, and is passionate about ensuring its residents are treated like members of the family. It encourages and motivates senior citizens using its services to truly be the best they can be while supporting them both emotionally and physically. It is determined to ensure that it consistently promotes and supports the highest quality of life possible for everyone staying at its delightfully bright and comfortable home space. The services offered at Enchanted Living of New Mexico include respite care facilities, with both short term and long term health care plans available to suit individual needs. Residents are provided with delicious but well-balanced meals, served daily. There are also beverages and snacks readily available throughout the day. Enchanted Living’s caring and fully qualified staff are available to assist with all the activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, toileting, continence care, dressing and walking, plus any other necessary needs for the individual clients they are tending to. Exercise, daily fun and stimulating activities, and holiday parties are also the norm at Enchanted Living. Other living needs attended to encompass hair and nail services, mobile dentistry coordination, private transport coordination, daily housekeeping, removal of rubbish, and all laundry services. Assistance with medication is undertaken whenever required, along with medication coordination. The facility also ensures 24/7 security is present, with use of an automatic emergency call system (ADT) built in. It also has essential 24-hour fire monitoring systems in place. This all goes alongside the highest quality compassion and companionship provision from all staff members. Enchanted Living is a high quality senior assisted living facility based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It strongly believes that everybody deserves to be treated with care and respect, regardless of their age or health needs, and sets a standard to be admired. Enchanted Living Of New Mexico Healthcare, Inc. May23620 “ Everyone wants, needs and deserves to be treated with care and respect, at every age... Give our elders the same love and patience they gave us as children. - Dr Rosemary Da Costa (Jemez Pueblo Elder Conference) “