Issue 8 2023

34 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 Modern Construction CFO of the Year (Philippines): Ralph van Miert estled in the heart of Southeast Asia, the diverse archipelago that is the Philippines boasts a rich cultural heritage and an awe-inspiring landscape. The country’s beauty serves as a rich backdrop for architecture that’s both innovative and sustainable. From bustling cities to serene countryside, the Philippines showcases housing styles that blend tradition and modernity, catering to the needs and aspirations of its vibrant communities. Metro Manila is the capital region of the Philippines. Serving as the country’s political, cultural, and economic centre, Metro Manila lies on the western coast of Luzon, the country’s largest island. Made up of 16 cities, each having its own identity and distinct character, Metro Manila includes the capital, Manila, and major cities such as Makati, Taguig, Padig, and Quezon City. As one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world, Metro Manila has a unique vibrant energy. A melting pot of cultures and traditions, the region is a popular destination for tourists and international students. Many multinational companies and financial institutions have also made Metro Manila their home. On the downside, rapid urbanisation of the area has led to significant challenges such as traffic congestion, pollution, and housing shortages. One company that’s addressing the challenge of housing the ever-expanding population of Metro Manila is Victor Consunji Development. Company CEO, Victor Consunji comes from a long line of building and construction experts. As the grandson of esteemed building contractor, David M Consunji, Victor grew up on and around construction sites. When Victor founded his company, it was not only to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps but also to follow a burning desire to improve the lives of citizens in Metro Manila. Starting out on his own in 2012, Victor decided to focus on one facet of development, the family home. So-called ‘shoe-box’ condos were becoming the norm at the time. Victor wanted to get away from that. His idea was to build houses that would meet the needs of their occupants over the long term. With the price of land in the region at a premium, finding ways to build and market smart, comfortable, and affordable homes in Metro Manila is a delicate balancing act. However, the company was able to acquire 80 hectares of land in the Taguig area for its initial community development project. Committed to incorporating ‘green’ materials and initiatives into its designs, Victor Consunji Development strives to reduce its residents’ household bills and each new community’s impact on the environment. By designing buildings with features such as optimum airflow, the need to use expensive air conditioning systems is reduced. By adding LED lighting, natural solid floorings such as bamboo and other inexpensive green alternatives, objectives are met without breaking the bank. In its Mahogany Place 3 residential community, Victor Consunji Development offers several styles and sizes of homes. The Milla Townhouse is spacious, yet affordable. Designed for family living, it features open-air balconies and a generous roof deck. The Catya Townhouse offers busy professionals a credible and enticing alternative to the cramped condos of the inner city. Finally, the Elena House is an elegant three-storey home that features lush landscaping, spectacular balcony views and open-plan architecture. Expanding its repertoire, Victor Consunji Development designed the SkyHouse. With breathtaking views of the Busay Mountain Range, the dramatic construction sits on a cliff edge with a master bedroom and pool deck that seem to float in mid-air! Today the company operates two specialised product lines: private residential developments and government-subsidised residential developments. Both lines share one key attribute – to exceed the expectations of the client by providing lasting and credible homes for life. Government-subsidised schemes provide families with a credible alternative to buying a home at In recent years, Victor Consunji Development Corporation has emerged as one of the most progressive construction firms in Metro Manila. The company designs and builds housing for both private and government-subsidised developments. Victor Consunji Development differentiates itself from its competitors by its ability to tackle complex projects and deliver homes of exceptional quality. We take a look at Victor Consunji Development in more detail with company CFO, Ralph van Miert. N Jun23156 full market price. The programmes are overseen by the National Housing Authority (NHA). The organisation collaborates with private developers and financial institutions, and provides financial and technical support and expertise. To ensure that Victor Consunji Development continues to meet and honour its objectives, a savvy CFO is a must. Managing all aspects of the company’s financial position and providing strategic guidance, the CFO is the backbone of the multi-faceted organisation. CFO, Ralph van Miert, joined the company back in 2012. Born in the Netherlands, Ralph studied at the European Business School in London and began his career in the world of investment banking. Starting out as a Credit Risk Analyst, Ralph also worked as an Equity Sales Specialist (Benelux). His CV features household names including Deutsche Bank, WestLB, and Credit Agricole. Moving to the Philippines to take some time out from his career, Ralph bought a house from Victor Consunji. They became great friends and Ralph accepted the offer to become CFO of Victor’s company. When talking to economics and finance students, Ralph had some very poignant advice. He told them, “Don’t choose a job for the money. Choose something that you’d be happy to do for the rest of your life. Something that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. Money is great, but if you don’t enjoy your job, it’s going to be a very long and lonely road. Choose something that you love doing and work hard. Be respectful and kind and you’ll get the rewards. And if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, change, don’t wait.” It’s obvious from that statement that Ralph loves his job and the difference that his company is making in the everyday lives of the citizens of Metro Manila. We look forward to seeing further developments from this ground-breaking company in the future. Contact: Ralph van Miert Company: Victor Consunji Development Corporation Web Address: