Issue 8 2023

12 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 Your Helping Hand in Real Estate Purchases echnology is changing every industry, allowing businesses to engage with their ideal audience easier than ever. Companies are becoming more client-centric, more aware and reactive to the latest trends and changing client behaviours. Technology is, in many ways, the great equaliser, giving the smallest of companies the tools to enter new markets and expand through success. NewHomesMate has long been considered a paragon on the property market for its purposebuilt marketplace that connects the dots between those that sell the houses, and those that want to buy them. It’s a simple thing, but one that had been overlooked or poorly implemented before the NewHomesMate entered the picture. Since then, and since a timely rebrand from, NewHomesMate have cultivated a strong presence in a space that is only too hungry for innovation. For Dan, the company’s creation seemed obvious from the outset, it was just a case of waiting for the right combination of tools to come along to secure long-term viability and saleability for his vision. “We leverage data science to match buyers and builders based on the best potential close after analysing millions of listings and individual buying patterns of hundreds of thousands of homebuyers. “Our team of new homes experts will help you when you are ready to buy a home. We gathered some of the best experts in each area, with a deep understanding of local neighbourhoods and good relations with builders to help you get better terms and options.” Since launching in July 2018, the company has leapt from milestone to milestone with an almost practised ease, moving from its roots in New York City, to Florida, Texas and North Carolina, growing organically where it made sense to expand. Today, NewHomesMate has some 470 reliable builders under its services, with around 30,000 new homes available to view on its site, with no signs of slowing down or stagnating. Indeed, since the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented surge in online viewings and online-centric processes, NewHomesMate has found its true momentum. For Dan, it was important to be reactive and ahead of the curve, with a foresight to see new trends before they became adopted by the greater landscape. Technology can be unpredictable in that way, but NewHomesMate was – for lack of a better term – ‘in the right place at the right time’ to capitalise on the consequences of the pandemic. Where its competitors were sluggish to respond, and many still struggle to switch to a more digitalfirst format, NewHomesMate was already there, with a rich and developed marketplace ready for perusal. “Ultimately, NewHomesMate is a flexible platform that allows clients and buyers to explore properties using virtual tours or inperson showings. That was important for us from the beginning.” NewHomesMate (previously is a comprehensive marketplace that helps builders sell their new homes faster – going direct to eager buyers. We spoke with Dan Hnatkovskyy, CEO and Co-Founder, following the company’s deserved recognition in the 2023 Global Excellence Awards as the ‘Most Innovative New Construction Homes & Communities Platform’ in the USA. T May23240 From a buyer perspective, it’s easy to see how NewHomesMate has edged out any potential competition in the regions within it operates. Its seamless user interface, clear graphical representations, and simple to use design betrays an obvious client-centric vision. “We wanted it to be easy to use. To work for the buyer entirely from our first hello to holding the keys of your newly built home in your hands. We wanted our buyers to be able to seamlessly learn about new construction homes and communities. To allow them to explore with virtual tours or in-person. All in one platform. At no extra cost. We wanted to build a ‘one stop shop’ for house purchases. Buyers can easily compare builder incentives to see best options. “We also focus on the little things, ensuring we never go dark during the process, and ensure that the buyers have every questioned answered in a timely manner.” Buying a house can be a highly stressful process, so NewHomesMate aims to offer complete peace of mind over the entire timeline of the purchase. It all seems easy and obvious when you put it like that, but that concise, simple mission belies years of hard work and hard-earned experience. All leading to the reputation that the company enjoys today, and – no doubt – years of enduring success moving forwards. For Dan, unsurprisingly, the future remains one of continued innovation “ Our mission is to help everyone turn their new home buying experience into a safe, pleasant and exciting journey. “ “ A home that rocks. A process that’s simple. A team you trust. “