Issue 8 2022

24 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2022 Best Corporate Gifts Businesswoman (New England): Alvania Lopez he United States is a place of excess, optimism, and opportunity, and for Alvania Lopez’s parents, it served as the perfect place to settle their young family. Indeed, at just five years old Alvania Lopez moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States, which would later serve as the backdrop to her highly successful career. After she graduated from university, she worked in dozens of positions for leading brands, such as Moet, Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, and Hennessy, with such experiences culminating in the establishment of PEACHBOX CO. ‘What I have learned the most along the way– is that human connection and relationships are the bedrock of all organizations. Building PEACHBOX CO. around this single principle has been quite the journey!’ Alvania comments. PEACHBOX CO. makes gift giving easy; the platform eliminates the ‘what ifs,’ the difficulties surrounding gift giving, and the vast amount of time it takes to find something perfect. The ecommerce company helps customers focus on nurturing those indispensable – often corporate – relationships by making gifting ‘Easy-Peachy.’ Typically, PEACHBOX CO. works as a B2C company; however, it has a sweet spot for corporate clients. ‘We love working with mid to large-size businesses in building start-to-finish gifting projects for their teams, clients, and unique sales strategies,’ explains Alvania. ‘We love to see the lasting effect of gifts on building solid relationships and boosting employee morale.’ T May22139 Such gifts consist of customisable boxes. For example, the Personalized Peachbox enables the customer to choose from an extensive list of popular products in order to build a bespoke package. Customers can include snacks, cosmetics, accessories, and more from leading brands, meaning that there truly is something for everyone and every occasion. ‘In recent years, we have experienced more and more competition in the market which naturally results in more significant challenges. Being a woman-owned, minority-owned company with limited resources, especially funding opportunities, makes it much harder to stay on a healthy growth pattern in a competitive and ever-changing market landscape,’ she notes. Henceforth, Alvania has built her business upon a network of strong team relationships. Predominantly consisting of minorities, the team has been designed to provide financial freedom for immigrants and people of colour, and as a result, the team is highly motivated. The team works harmoniously and strives to supply each customer with an unbeatable service – this, quite simply, is what makes PEACHBOX CO. stand out from its competitors. However, Alvania’s support for minorities and women also extends outside of the company – minority-owned and women-owned companies supply 90% of PEACHBOX CO’s products. ‘I currently serve as a Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Greater Boston; in this role, I have the rewarding opportunity of working closely with young girls in offering financial literacy tools and helping them gain skills for their future entrepreneurial journey. Some young girls have the unique opportunity to launch their own small company as part of the program; it is impressive to see what 12–14-year-olds are capable of!’ Alvania adds. The futureof PEACHBOXCO. looks bright – it will be filledwithexpansion, innovation, and creativity. Alvania is on a mission to transform the business into a trusted gifting partner for all of life’s occasions, personally and professionally. Consequently, there are a number of plans in place for 2022 and beyond, such as team growth, new products, international expansion, and several exciting collaborations. Contact: Alvania Lopez Company: PeachBox Co. Web Address: PEACHBOX CO. offers a rather unique service. The stylish platform is host to a diverse range of gift options, including its flagship Personalized Peachbox, that are perfect for any occasion. Join us as we talk to Alvania Lopez, the businesswoman behind the innovative company.