Issue 8 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2022 13 Leading Corporate Finance Management Firm of the Year – Kent stablished in 1993, Chantler Kent Investments provides lifestyle financial planning solutions, going beyond traditional wealth management services (i.e., assets, net worth, and valuations of investments) with a focus on building clients’ money as a tool to achieve goals in life, as opposed to simply gaining value. Its clients receive a bespoke, friendly service which meets their financial goals and allows them to have control of their finances now and in the future. Since its founding, it has built a team of specialists, including financial advisers, chartered advisers, paraplanners, and experienced administration staff. Its mission is always to treat its clients fairly, creating long-term relationships of trust and mutual respect. Its tailored approach ensures its chartered, financial, and lifestyle financial planners (together with its team of paraplanners) take time to understand Chantler Kent’s client’s long-term goals and assist them in meeting future financial objectives. Its independent financial advisers explore a broad range of products and services for the firm’s clients, developing rich portfolios based on their needs. E Chantler Kent serves individual and corporate clients and its bespoke service is built around the lifestyle its clients want. Whether the client’s dream is to move to the country or take a luxurious holiday of a lifetime, it factors all its client’s wants. Its staff take responsibility for every task and project they are involved in, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Testimonials for the firm often cite the in-depth information they provide, the speedy responses, and the ability to advise and listen. This is borne from the incredible maturity of Chantler Kent’s advisors as its teammembers have years of experience working within the financial services sector. Over the decades, its clients have found that by listening to the team’s guidance, they can make decisions based on input, expertise, and knowledge. Beyond its regular services, Chantler Kent currently runs a graduate programme. It has picked up this opportunity on noting how insurance firms and investment houses previously offering these programmes have diminished their capacity. Recognising this as a real opportunity to make a positive change in many people’s lives, it jumped at the opportunity. During Covid, it enabled staff to work from home to ensure its clients continued receiving a good level of uninterrupted service. During this time, its income level increased and it made many changes to its operations that have become mainstays of its entire practice. Among the changes was the firm’s move to hold face-to-face client meetings, via telephone, or by using the emerging tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The focus in this period was to make the client journey (and their ability to access its services) more streamlined and convenient, which was the case with its additions of more convenient meeting options. Its approach of trying to understand the things clients wish to have and accomplish during their lifetime, considering their well-being and values, it finds out what they want to do in the future. This is such a stark contrast to so many within the financial services sector. And so, Chantler Kent’s lifestyle financial planning is a massive hit. Its clients are incredibly appreciative of its award-winning guidance, and the future looks even brighter. Contact: Claude Carletide Company: Chantler Kent Investments Web Address: Unlike many of its competitors, which focus on numbers, Chantler Kent Investments focuses on finding out what its clients want to accomplish during their lifetime and builds profitable portfolios with dreams in mind. The financial services sector is competitive, so finding a firm with a specific and unique niche makes for an exciting opportunity to explore. Contact: Claude Carletide Company: Chantler Kent Investments Web Address: Jun22388