Issue 8 2021

24 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2021 May21038 Most Versatile CFO 2021: Eber Coelho – Brazil The Doremus brand was born in France and was brought to Brazil by its founder Patrice Grojean in 1985. Its first activities were focused on serving the processed meat market with natural casings. What started in a small warehouse quickly gained a new, bigger space and in 1987, was already in its current headquarters. Since then, the company has come a long way, entering various new markets and with new clients being conquered throughout Brazil, South America, and some more distant countries. Recognised as Most Versatile CFO 2021 – Brazil by Acquisition International magazine is Eber Coelho, who joined Doremus as CFO in August 2020. We find out more about Doremus and how Eber achieved this award. ver the years, Doremus has maintained strategic planning, expanding its areas of activity and product portfolio for the food and beverage industry, always keeping a focus on the research of intelligent solutions and the quality of the manufacturing of its products. Today, it has three factories, more 600 employees, and it has access to a vast number of raw materials, inspired by or coming from nature, from partners located in various regions of the planet. These elements are transformed into unique ingredients, and by using texturing agents and vitamin and mineral premixes, flavour, body and nutrition are brought to the food and beverages consumed daily by people all over the world. Doremus’ product development processes are supported by the main global market intelligence and trends tools, from which it extracts strategic information, connected to consumer behaviour, which guides its innovation and marketing actions. It has a team of specialists connected with clients to collaborate and transfer knowledge, solving the biggest challenges in the industry, either through outsourcing and process improvement or through the creation of foods that bring unique experiences, in the way that customers want. Ultimately, it believes that it produces ingredients that not only feed and nurture millions of people, but it also connects them with their basic needs, with nature, with their stories, with other people, and with ever-better experiences. A valuable asset to Doremus is company CFO, Eber Coehlo, who brings with him 24 years of financial and controllership knowledge combined with solid experience in multinationals companies; experience in preparing strategic plans for companies through analysing new business opportunities, the existing risks, making forecasts of results, implementing budget zero-based, and setting targets; solid knowledge of financial and economic analysis for supporting investment decision; and resilience and passion for business. In addition, he has eight years’ experience working and living internationally in the USA and France. O Eber is a hands-on professional who is extremely committed and with a unique energy to get things done. He is forward-thinking, results-driven, adaptable and capable of handling difficult situations and solving problems efficiently, with a great acceptance of change. He is a fundamental part of his department and with outstanding management skills and great mentorship, his team is always highly engaged and motivated. Indeed, he is highly successful, always putting his heart into his work and looking for ways to support the leveraging of the company, and striving to maximise his employees’ and the company’s potential and making everyone around him better. Company: Doremus Alimentos Ltda Contact: Eber Coelho Website: