Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 9 Mar20048 Creating a Happy Workplace The employment relationship is a relationship between human beings. Expectations don’t always match, differences of opinion arise which can lead to emotionally charged conflict and give rise to unfortunate circumstances. The talented team at Employsure Law are adept at providing the best possible support to businesses during those times when the litigiously minded take a leap of faith. Having been awarded the title of Best Employment Relations Services Provider 2020 – Australia, we took a closer look to see what this work entails. mploysure Law was founded on four core values, namely that client is king, and that adaptability, honesty and commitment are key to success. Specialising in the area of workplace law litigation, the team have been able to build up a significant bank of experience that has made them into one of the leading providers of this service in Australia to service the clients of Employsure. The complexities of Australia’s national workplace relations system can be difficult to navigate. The processes are time-consuming and bureaucratic. Business owners need swift and accurate results. Employsure Law provides the perfect solution. The Employsure Law team operates seamlessly in this complicated system providing practical and strategic advice. This allows business owners to focus on what they do best – running a successful business – while feeling safe in the knowledge that their business is operating to the highest of standards. Employsure Law which has offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, primarily represents small and medium businesses that cover the length and breadth of Australia. Its ability to represent clients is not limited by geography. Employsure Law has access to over 24,000 clients, the clients of Employsure. Employsure is an employment relations advisory service which has also won numerous awards. Employsure Law takes pride in meeting the specific needs of challenges of each of its clients. Employsure Law’s workplace law services are designed to best match the needs of its clients’ businesses. The solutions are not only comprehensive, but thoroughly scalable and affordable, in order to ensure that price is not a limiting factor on good practice. With Employsure, Employsure Law operates a unique model. When becoming clients of Employsure, Employsure clients have the option of a cheap cost effective add on – coverage under a mutual trust known as Employsure Protect. When clients take the Employsure Protect option, which most do, when employment law litigation commences, after they have taken Employsure Protect coverage, their legal costs are mostly and in many circumstances the settlement amount is covered. Clients don’t have dig into their pockets to pay lawyers and the settlement amount. They have peace of mind and don’t have to think of where to get the additional money needed to defend and settle the claim. Even if, the circumstances or type of claim are not covered by Employsure Protect, Employsure Law primarily operates on a fixed costs agreement model. The fees are known in advance and affordable. The 4 pillars of Employsure Law enable it to lead by example. While the team at Employsure Law perform to their utmost with a loyalty to the company at large they know their individual and collective E contribution is valued. The humbling value of “no employee is greater than their shirt”, meaning as a team we strive and achieve enables us to deliver on promise. Clients are delighted with the service that they receive on a day-to-day basis, which is a credit to the hard work that the team continue to put in. The team receive regular positive feedback from the clients extolling their virtues and skills. To this must be added that Employsure Law values the team. Unlike many other law firms that expect lawyers to work at least 12 hour days, Employsure Law scales itself so its team work a standard working day and not on weekends enabling them to have a work life balance and to come to work refreshed and positive. This enables client focussed delivery of services. Finding new members of the team, able to work to the same high standards and thus ensure the same level of customer care, is very important and Employsure Law. The team has grown, with a rising number of claims and changes in employee behaviour affecting the way in which the business must be run. In all, it’s no surprise that Employsure Law have been able to excel in the industry, drawing on considerable expertise to put its clients first and foremost in the world of the world of workplace relations. It’s an incredible effort, which is what has made this amazing company one to watch. Company: Employsure Law Contact: Tass Angelopoulos Website: