Issue 8 2020

6 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 Feb20532 Port of Call for Workplace Training Building up talent for industry is not an easy task, with many roles requiring specific training. To meet the needs of a demanding port industry, Portull Training Services Ltd was established. The team have now been recognised for their sterling efforts, named as Best Workplace Training Provider 2020 - Northern England in Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Awards. We profile the firm to find out more. ormed in January 2007, Portull Training Services was designed to fill a gap in the market. The ports industry was thriving but lacked a trained workforce to push it forward. The team have transformed the nature of plant training, offering an innovative mix of academic and practical study. Portull Training Services has built up a strong reputation, with heavy investment in key accredited learner management systems being a key part of this success. Strong links with colleges and educational awarding bodies has allowed the business to broaden the nature of its training, with education solutions that transcend the ports industry into new fields. This training is typically delivered through a mix of the vocational, accredited and bespoke to ensure 100% satisfaction. The success of Portull Training Services speaks for itself, with many clients returning to renew their contracts or referring others to the service. Much training is done on-site, with candidates taught not to operate machinery theoretically, but directly onto the equipment they will use when training is completed. This practical approach makes an enormous difference, offering candidates first-hand experience throughout their training. The team have also invested in training facilities which include modern classrooms and areas for practical skills training to be undertaken. A combination of realistic and dockland situations means that any eventuality can be set up and run through in perfect safety. There are only two entry requirements for Portull Training Services, those of age and literacy skills, with support offered for the latter. As such, it is an essential entry point for those wanting to find work. To this end, Portull Training Services work with Jobcentre Plus offices across the Humber region, including Britannia House, Beverly, Hessle, Barton-upon-Humber, Scunthorpe, Hornsea and Bridlington. The skills that can be acquired here can be applied across many industries, making Portull Training Services a vital service. Being it was designed to meet a specific need in a specific place, Portull Training Services is very closely related to other members of the community. Engagement is very important to the team, as it offers an end to end service that supports people in gaining sustainable employment within the local business community. The team’s strong partnership with external shareholders means that certain courses offer a guaranteed interview at the end of the course. With regards to the community at large, the firm sponsor local projects such as Hull Kingston Radio, Amateur Rugby League Teams and East Hull F The team has managed to connect with over 500 employers nationally, not only providing the vital training which these teams need, but new employees who are trained and ready to work to the same high standard. Open Age Rugby Club. The benefits that these connections bring are numerous, and a credit to the team at large. Despite the firm’s continued success, it is one of many organisations in the local area offering broadly the same services. Where Portull Training Services stands apart is in the fact that it does not just offer its candidates a training program. It offers learners a way forward that goes beyond the course and into sustainable employment. By ensuring that the business is kept flexible and responsive, the team are able to take account of both the employment market and the local skills need. Working alongside Job Centre Plus offices throughout the Humber Region has proven to be a boon to the business, with the knowledge the teams are able to offer guiding the decisions of Portull Training Services. The responsive nature has seen Portull Training Services alter the courses it runs. Recently, for example, the team have provided the essential skills and qualifications needed to work within the security or warehousing sectors, with the guaranteed interview scheme mentioned before in place. The team has managed to connect with over 500 employers nationally, not only providing the vital training which these teams need, but new employees who are trained and ready to work to the same high standard. Recently, the Portull Training Services team has been able to invest in larger facilities, designed specially to match the work which its trainers need to do. Purpose-built, and bigger than before, the team are able to not only train more candidates, but provide a more authentic representation of the workplace. This puts all parties in a better position for when they move out of the classroom and into employment. By centralising all of the business’s efforts, the team