Issue 8 2019

2 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2019 From our Editor Welcome to the August issue of Acquisition Intl. magazine! Your go-to- source for all of the latest news and features from throughout world of corporate finance. In this month’s edition, we have filled it with insightful articles and features on a vast range of topics as we discover more about marketing for every sector. For example, in this issue we take a closer look at iFOLIO, a portfolio engagement platform helping organizations to deliver personalized digital portfolios that transform the customer experience. Over the years the firm have helped countless companies to communicate with their customers and prospects more authentically, optimizing the relationship, and delivering a remarkable experience. As such, we profiled firm to find out more about the innerworkings of this successful company. Elsewhere in this edition, is Trilliant which was formed with initial vision to help energy providers improve efficiency, enhance reliability, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction as well as integrate renewable and distributed energy resources. Today, Trilliant has established itself as a world leading connectivity company providing mission critical infrastructure solutions, enabling utilities and cities to take a bold step in their future digital transformations. Recently, we caught up with Ryan Gerbrandt who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of Trilliant, revealing how they have established themselves as leaders in the industry. Here at Acquisition Intl. magazine, we truly hope that you enjoy reading this month’s issue and we look forward to hearing from you. Jessie Daykin - Editor Contents 5 News 6 A Global Company Providing a Personalised Service Spanish VAT Services 1 0 Generating Solutions for a Changing Industry GenPro Consulting, Inc. 11 Empowering Customers and Creating Actionable Results Trilliant 12 Bringing Breakthrough Advance to the Modelling and Simulation Community Lixoft 14 Experienced Team Offering Top Quality Services Puwalscy & Partners Spólka Partnerska 15 Two Decades of Delivering Effective Business Solutions Exceedra 16 Empowering Individuals to Live a Life They Choose to Lead Angel Heart Home Care 19 Powered by Professionalism, Quality and Innovation Caafer International 20 Placing Ethical and Human Values at the Heart of all Relationships UrbanLaw Avocats 22 One of the Leading Financial Groups in Central Europe Rosinger RMS GmbH 23 Delivering a First Class Service Independent Tax 24 Our CEO Spotlight: Infinite Ingenuity Inspires VDX 26 Qudah Law Firm : Combination of Talent, Experience and Commitment 27 Achieving Optimal Solutions to Clients’ Problems Gürlich & Co 28 Meeting the Highest Standards of Competence and Professionalism Boccadutri 30 Strong Values Which Breed Success Service SMTD Law LLP 31 Exceeding Clients Expectations Pannu Lawyers 32 Delivering Personalized Medicine Through Molecular Diagnostics and Innovation Interpace Diagnostics 34 Ideal Wellness & Accountability Solution knowRX™ 36 Driving Innovation CKmates 37 Level Up with Messner Reeves LLP 38 Customer Trust, a Russell must Russell Finex Ltd. 39 Emphasizing Cultural Change for Longer Term Success DPMG Corporation 40 Coalfire : Fuelling Success 41 Tusker : Making Employees Happy Since 2000 42 Fighting for the Underdog Gee Law Firm 44 People, Passion, Process = Results Cornerstone Business Services, Inc. 45 Committed to Excellence HHC Safety Engineering Services, Inc. 46 Simple Idea Producing Outstanding Results VoteBash, Inc. 47 Connect, Engage and Convert with iFOLIO 48 Aiming to Secure a Sustainable Future Chaithoo (Pty) Ltd 49 Helping to Add Value to Your Business FTA Consulting 51 Changing the Way You do Business Enterprise Outsourcing 52 Understanding Restrictive Agreements Duale Ovia & Alex-Adedipe 53 Jetting Their Way to the Top Kilmore Jet Works 54 Due Diligence Solutions : Exceeding Clients Expectations 55 Effective Advice Clearly Delivered Michael Kyprianou & Co. 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