Issue 7 2022

32 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 Most Outstanding Fire Safety Products Provider 2022 – UK irexo launched in 2018, in the UK, on the back of years of research to supply its patented products across 20 countries through hundreds of distributors. The team knows better than anyone the devastating effects of fire, not just on people’s health and wellbeing – there is a focus on saving lives, belongings, property, places, and the emotional well-being of all involved in a fire. Firexo’s goal is to create an all-in-one fire extinguishing solution, hoping to remove the confusion and choice in the event of an emergency, cutting out the confusion and lost time to keep the focus on resolving the situation. A revolutionary and ambitious goal it has gone above and beyond to achieve, selling exactly the product is set out to create. Firexo exists as a game-changer in its industry. Filling in the gap left in the market as halon fire extinguishers became illegal, due to the devastating effects it has on the environment, contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer. It didn’t just come onto the scene with a patented formula that does everything halon extinguishers did, sans the environmental issues, it offered an improved formula that reduced property damage, and injuries, and saved more lives. Improving on its competitors in every conceivable way. The company is environmentally conscious, not just in its operations and production but with the product it puts into its customer’s hands. The patented formula is a bio-degradable, eco-friendly solution that (if clearing a fire outdoors) is safe to leave to be absorbed by the soil or washed away by the rain. As the main ingredients consist of ammonium sulphate, water, and nitrogen, the residual solution acts as a fertiliser. Whereas, if the fire is indoors, all it needs is a good wipe down with warm soapy water or a run through the dishwasher. Meanwhile, the one-use capsules and sachets can be disposed of via standard recycling. Whereas the Firexo 2 Litre, 6 Litre, and 9 Litre are all rechargeable, with the vessels being professionally tested on request to lengthen their lifespan. Considering all aspects of product safety, Firexo is laser-focused on its all-in-one fire solution that is good for users and the environment. F A fire is a devastating event if not controlled or dealt with quickly. Firexo’s all-in-one solution cuts out the confusion and panic that comes with dealing with such a dangerous situation. For this alone it would be worthy of its award of Most Outstanding Fire Safety Products Provider in the UK, but there’s so much more. Contact: Karen Nunn Company: Firexo Web Address: May22145 There is no ‘good enough,’ constant iteration and improvement occurring to craft using safer ingredients and reduce water use. A solution that cuts down on time wasted, resources used and the effect the resultant product has on the environment is a truly exemplary one in the name of fighting a fire. Firexo has truly crafted something revolutionary, well worthy of the title of Most Outstanding Fire Safety Products Provider 2022 in the UK. Lives have been saved by this product and will continue to be.