Issue 7 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 29 A pioneer of intelligent integration systems on the Microsoft platform, QUIBIQ ensures successful digitization for its clients. An exemplary German company that boasts customer-focused ways of working, user intuitive technological solutions, and a true dedication to client success, it has earned itself the award for ‘2022’s Leaders in Microsoft Connectivity Solutions’, and is excited to use this new accolade as a springboard towards greater success. Apr22038 he company connecting its clients’ businesses to the future, QUIBIQ is an expert in internal digitization and the creation of better internal processes through technology. Nominally, it works hand in hand with its clients to help them to develop the conditions that are perfect for taking their enterprise online, with intelligent solutions on the Microsoft platform that turn a client into a ‘smart business’. Both internally and externally, a client can expect to benefit hugely from such things. This is because successful internal digitization allows a company to operate at a renewed level of efficiency, with bloated tasks and busywork handled within the program proper to allow for ‘smart processes and employees’, as everyone finds that their workloads are streamlined. With a more streamlined and focused workload, a clients’ employees can focus on the tasks that really matter. Critically, this manifests in faster, more efficient, and more flexible working, with increased transparency between the employer and employee as both parties will have access to the program managing the processes behind them. Allowing them a leg up on the competition in this way, its T innovative digitalization has made itself a perfect, tailored to fit option for all manner of different companies and clients, as it is easy to learn for everyone of all digital skill and technological exposure levels. Moreover, by cutting the fat from manual processes and adapting to include digital processes, a client finds they drastically save money. Allowing them to be more lean, agile, and self-sufficient as a result, it helps them to keep ahead of the pack in the bustling API economy that exists today, ensuring that they remain competitive by always having the time to keep their finger on the pulse of the market. QUIBIQ, as part of this, promises that a client will always be glad to have put their faith in its professionals, boasting experts who oversee seamless integration without totally overwriting a client’s current systems and processes. This is all a part of its commitment to respecting what a client has built, and simply adapting it to help it better fit their future. Company: QUIBIQ Contact: Felix Weil Website: Digital Integration with a Difference