Issue 7 2022

28 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 Jun22117 GDPR Consultant of the Year 2022 Data protection is immensely important , for everyone everywhere. Though GDPR is an important branch of legislation, adhering to it can be a difficult undertaking that CVG Solutions Ltd seeks to make it easier and more understandable. ounded by Cristina Vannini-Goodchild in 2019, CVG Solutions Ltd is focused on ensuring that businesses of all sizes embrace the regulation. Its mission is to upskill business owners in data protection to strengthen their reputation and build trust with their customers. In this digital age, where information is both more available and more coveted, the duty of care for people and organisations to properly care for the data in its possession has never been more important. Companies must ensure records are accurate, relevant, and appropriately secured or they risk legal and reputational reprisals. Accomplishing this by implementing and maintaining a hasslefree compliance plan and offering a range of tiered training plans and other services – even offering a GDPR Starter Kit – where businesses can be compliant in as little as three months. CVG Solutions training systems are delivered via multiple means, both virtual and in-person. The sessions are made available to all staff members in a full and/or half-day format, including interactive seminars in the office and e-learning or Zoom live sessions for small groups or larger audiences. The electronic side of the course also uses a bespoke e-learning platform that CVG Solutions has ensured is extremely user-friendly and fit for purpose. The tutors for these sessions are passionate and knowledgeable, capable of condensing dense and complex information and concepts into clear and concise points that can highlight the rules and responsibilities of staff and how GDPR is relevant to its positions. Beyond the tutoring, CVG Solutions plays host to a team of enthusiastic Data Advisory Specialists. Leveraging over 25 years of experience working for international corporations, the experts in data processing and risk management are made available to clients on a retainer service. It has a trio of service packages that include F services like annual auditing and reporting as well as data policy reviews, all in the name of continuous GDPR maintenance. Partnering with CVG Solutions is a win-win, its carefully crafted strategies and solutions not only save its clients money and time via avoiding litigation but also build on the company’s reputation and good standing in the process. It is no wonder the award for GDPR Consultant of the Year went to CVG Solutions. As its founder says, “CVG Solutions makes GDPR a sweeter pill for businesses to swallow.” Contact: Cristina Vannini-Goodchild Company: CVG Solutions Ltd Web Address: Its mission is to upskill business owners in data protection to strengthen their reputation and build trust with their customers.