Issue 7 2022

26 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 Jun22257 Trust Your Tax Professionals! With millions of United States’ taxpayers preparing their own tax returns every year, mistakes are rife and errors common. Finding a tax professional who shares common experiences can make an enormous difference to succeeding. In Acquisition International’s Worldwide Finance Awards, the team at the Association of Black Tax Professionals were named Best Tax & Accounting Professionals Networking Platform – USA. We take a closer look at this impressive organization to find out more. lack communities have often struggled to find professionals who can relate to their lived experience. Meeting these unique needs was part of what drove the team behind the Association Of Black Tax Professionals to develop a platform where people could connect with tax and accounting professionals, either in-person or remote, who could meet these requirements. Since first opening their doors, the Association Of Black Tax Professionals has striven to be a trusted organization across the board. They want the people who turn to them in order to find a tax professional to be able to rely on their recommendations and their word. The team’s incredible determination, both to be trusted by tax professionals to represent their interests and by taxpayers to provide reliable experts in the field, has brought the team incredible success. Just some of the services offered by the team include the provision of tax related resources, mentorship and online training courses to equip Tax Professionals, CPAs, EAs, and Accountants with the most timely and relevant Federal tax resources, training, education and tools. These tools are essential because they ensure that members of the Association Of Black Tax Professionals are able to prepare and practice tax returns to meet the stringent requirements demanded by the Federal government. The benefit of working with the Association Of Black Tax Professionals primarily comes from being able access their incredible network of professionals. Through social media such as Facebook, the team have been able to onboard many individuals, specialising in various tasks throughout the tax sector. Perhaps the easiest way to prove their continued success is the way in which the Association Of Black Tax Professionals continues to grow as more and more people find out about how they operate. The team stands apart as an organization because they focus on supporting the success of tax and accounting professionals on every level. To achieve this growth and support such a range of potential professionals, the team at the Association Of Black Tax Professionals consists of Brand Ambassadors. One Ambassador represents each region, providing a united front and local knowledge. Currently, the Association Of Black Tax Professionals has 22 Ambassadors, with each providing a direct link to the main hub of operation. As the voice of the Association Of Black Tax Professionals, these Ambassadors connect, network, mentor and train individuals on how to flourish B within the challenging world of tax and accounting. Having access to this incredible resource in just one example of the holistic nature of the Association Of Black Tax Professionals’ level of support. Over the last few years, the team have set their sights as high as possible. Their growth into a renowned platform that serves the needs of black communities is one which is justly celebrated, but they don’t want to stop there. Already, the team at the Association Of Black Tax Professionals are repositioning themselves so that they don’t just offer advice to tax professionals but that they act as a one-stop-shop for this intrepid group of people. By building a network which is truly second to none, they have opened up amazing opportunities for black communities across the United States. Of course, even tax professionals are having to deal with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and nowhere is this more obvious than when people have to deal with the IRS Organization. As tax and accounting professionals, this is one of the more challenging aspects of the job to deal with as more and more people try to get in touch with this essential organization. Often, it’s impossible to reach a representative and ask for more detail on changing regulations. The backlog that is being faced has started to impact more and more people, with more than 10 million tax returns currently unprocessed. The Association Of Black Tax Professionals cannot deal with the understaffing of the organization, but it can act as a hub where professionals can ask questions and find those who have already had said questions answered. Building a community of professionals is no easy task, but the rewards more than speak for themselves. What started as a way of providing as place for black communities to find people who shared their lived experiences has grown into an establishment that stands apart from the crowd for its unique values that are committed to reliability, authenticity and trustworthiness above all else. The growth of the Association of Black Tax Professionals now seems assured. We look forward to seeing how this incredible organization develops over the coming months and years. Company: Association Of Black Tax Professionals Name: Shonda Love Email: Web Address: