Issue 7 2022

24 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 May22698 Cyber Security Specialists Secure Success! Information systems are the beating heart of how companies operate, and it is these companies that elevate nations to new and prosperous heights. The team behind 3R Technologie understand this better than anybody, and have made it their mission to ensure information systems are protected in this brave new world of cyberthreat. In Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, the team were named Most Innovative Computer Security Solutions Firm 2022 - Ivory Coast. We dig a little deeper to find out more. ybersecurity is more important than ever before. In a world which depends on information systems which are safe and secure, companies often struggle to stay ahead of the curve. The services offered by the 3R Technologie team include IT solutions specifically tailored to their unique requirements, built on well-informed guidelines and well-built and value-added information system services. The team’s impressive portfolio of services is made of Information System security, Cloud Computing and Virtualisation, Voiceover IP and telecommunication and data centres. Each of these services is an essential part of the modern workplace, allowing for the flexibility in operation that allows businesses to adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. No matter what the needs of the client, focusing in on these specific opportunities for businesses has ensured the 3R Technologie team are invaluable partners. Those who wish to thrive in the modern workplace depend on the skills that they offer. Because the range of skills is so varied, it’s little wonder that the team are in such high demand. Through the use of subject matter experts who take the time to learn about the needs of customers, detailed plans are produced which not only deal with the issues of the moment, but build in the ability for change in the future. The commitment shown by the 3R Technologie team demonstrates their passion for the sector and for meeting their clients’ needs in every respect. At the heart of this approach is a desire for good customer service that always goes above and beyond. C Whilst the 3R Technologie team has worked with companies of every shape and size, from SMEs to multinationals, the challenge they face is the level of maturity that cybersecurity has in African countries, primarily the French speaking ones. The importance increases by the day, yet many do not employ an Information Systems Security Officer and often have no budget at all for information system security. The problem is often a lack of understanding which leads to a refusal to create a role which deals with the difficulties of the present day. As a result, many organisations struggle to make strategic decisions that will benefit them in the long run. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to change their perspectives on this, however. The team at 3R Technologie has been driven by this dramatic shift. Research shows that ransomware and phishing attacks increased by 600%, requiring more teleworkers to support clients who were in an unprecedented situation. The new paradigm was completely unexpected, and the IT world was not ready to deal with the immediate challenges. The trust which many businesses placed in the talented team at 3R Technologie was crucial to the development of essential information security systems. One of the most important decisions over this period was to work alongside a business partner to create a Security Operation Centre. This has proven to be immensely popular with clients and has driven even more success for the firm. The services offered by the 3R Technologie team include IT solutions specifically tailored to their unique requirements, built on well-informed guidelines and wellbuilt and value-added information system services.