Issue 7 2021

12 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2021 Securing a Changing Digital World esecurity has secured itself a solid reputation for excellence in its industry since its founding. Having begun with a flying start in 2016, it has since gained recognition as one of the world’s most leading cybersecurity companies, with a sole mission of protecting enterprises globally from the ever changing world of cybercrime and the consistently evolving threats that fall within that field. Above all, Resecurity knows the importance of keeping abreast of such things; with the very thing it is defending against being a dynamic and ever-changing world of risks, it dedicates itself to being just as – if not more – flexible, able to adapt to such things fluidly and protect its clients’ interests. Today, it is one of the companies offering breed data-driven intelligence solutions. Developing products, services, and cyber security data, it develops products and services for cybersecurity that are backed up by the relevant data, resulting in three flagship solutions that have become internally renowned for their reliability and effectiveness. The first is its Context Threat Intelligence Platform, the second is its Digital Risk Monitoring Platform, and the third is its EPP, or End Protection Platform. Additionally, it handles solutions that help clients manage offensive and defensive solutions via consultation, an umbrella under which Red Team, Data Breach, Incident Response, Research, and Investigation lie. In terms of its core values, its beating heart is the concept of ‘simple but meaningful’. It delivers solutions that do exactly what is required, without any unnecessary add-ons or bloatware, making for streamlined solutions that fit seamlessly around a client’s other operations and stay well out of the way of their core goals. First and foremost, it focuses on solutions that are actionable. Resecurity, therefore, sets itself apart from its competition by way of both high- touch client interaction and bottom up management practices, having worked with teams from around the world to broaden its capabilities, adding more value to its products and services. Varying from high net worth individuals to value assets, enterprises, and governments, much of its engagement is secured through word of mouth referrals and positive reviews from clients past and present. This has bolstered its own repute massively, showing clients across a wide variety of industries the exemplary nature of its services from the words of trusted figures in their sectors – many of whom are clients moving away from commodity intelligence and towards deep security solutions such as Resecurity’s Context. In this way, it goes far beyond basic IP information, hash, or URL, digging all the way down to all- source intelligence that looks beyond sensors and is powered by a human analyst taking care of the service personally. R Therefore, its staff are the most important asset to Resecurity. Each one of them is outstanding at what they do, and with a singular mission in mind, they are able to act as a cohesive unit to provide the best possible service for its clients. Its clientele – and indeed the world – is becoming increasingly aware that security theatre and board level to management level isn’t cutting it for cybersecurity anymore. Thus, they save time, resources, and funds by turning to Resecurity as consummate professionals in its industry, able to rest easy knowing that their data and their own clients are being appropriately safeguarded against attacks. Having used the momentary lull in some of its services due to Covid-19 to self-evaluate, it is now back bigger and better than ever, raring to go in continually bettering and delivering the best cybersecurity protection on the market. In such a dynamic and changeable world as cybersecurity and cyberthreat, it takes a company that is able to adapt in an efficient and sophisticated manner in order to keep up. Resecurity is a company expert at doing this, working on keeping itself competitive throughout its time in operation, offering three flagship products that have gained it a trusted and reliable reputation for exemplary cyber protection solutions. May21189 Company: Resecurity Contact: Jean-Jacques Goncalves Website: