Issue 7 2021

10 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2021 Best Connecting Mobile Application CFO (Sao Paulo): Emilio Sanches A company taking the parking sector in Brazil into the digital age, Estapar is linking parking venues, corporate entities, and users together by way of a singular platform. Helping municipalities make use of their existing infrastructure and aiding the effectiveness and efficiency of parking has made it a darling of its industry, and a household name in its region. or being a cornerstone of modern travel and daily life, being able to park is a constant headache for many people. Estapar is the company seeking to change that, having developed a solution for parking across the nation of Brazil that is providing an easy to use, utilitarian, and exemplary solution to the parking problem. Presently, it has over 651 operations that cover 390 spaces, a reach that is constantly in growth and expansion in order to extend its national footprint across a multitude of strategic locations. Amongst these spaces, it has included the service of parking provision in airports, hospitals, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and so many more venues – in addition, it is the major on-street concessional operator across the nation. This presence is felt in cities across Latin America, including São Paulo, granting it the advantages of diversification, capillarity, network effect, and opportunities suchlike, all of which allow it to support its clients from different economic segments in their own expansions and projects. Fundamentally, it holds its own penchant for innovation as one of its most exemplary features. Estapar is a front runner in parking service automation, championing the implementation of parking meters, pushing for the acceptance of electronic payment methods across a wider market segment, and the development of its digital platform accessible by app is furthering its notoriety in its sector by the day. Each service it provides has contributed towards making it more of an emboldened voice in the urban mobility environment; even allowing it to evolve into a mobility hub, connectivity initiative champion, and voice for solutions such as diverse mobility, electrification, and last mile logistics. Furthermore, it counts itself lucky to have such a diverse user base – with over 2 million users registered on its platform – something that allows it to operate across multiple different regions and markets with assertiveness. Its services have proven especially pivotal in traffic heavy and urban regions, creating favourable conditions for high value solutions, low investment, and reduced maintenance costs, enabling a premier service that works for both corporate customers and end users, integrating the world of parking into a seamless, single platform experience. By investing in the innovations and technologies of its sector, as well as by monitoring trends in consumer behaviour, Estapar has made itself an expert in keeping its finger on the pulse of its market segment. Its multi-disciplinary team manages these changes in industry expertly, such as the mobility industry bottlenecks driving vehicle F May21367 sales, and economic crises hindering new developments, helping its industry manage existing infrastructure as new infrastructure building is being blocked by economic turmoil. In addition, it has seen changes such as the car as a service concept growth, new modes of urban transport, short distance solutions, and product delivery increase. Despite the impact of Covid-19 impacting each of these factors and its own business, it has largely been able to reduce costs, assuring positive margins towards a consistent recovery, confident that pre- pandemic levels will resume again soon. As a final point, Estapar will be continuing to foster the parking sector’s move into the digital age, and with the launch of Ecovagas and Zona Azul de São Paulo, it is excited to announce it will be continuing the expansion of both its services and its geographical foothold. Company: Estapar Contact: Suzi Martins Emilio Sanches Website: &