Issue 7 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 23 Finding Stable Financial Footing Working in the world of corporate finance advice requires more than just a remarkable knowledge of the economy and the impact of various businesses across a given country. It also requires no small amount of dynamic flexibility and malleability, shaping oneself to be exactly what the client requires. In Germany, one firm has mastered this to become the Leading Corporate Debt and Restructuring Advisory of the Year; Ludwig & Co. GmbH. ounded in 2012, Ludwig & Co. is a dynamic, multi-award- winning, and highly-skilled corporate finance advisory firm that acts as an entirely independent adviser to corporates and businesses across the whole world. With no banking or brokerage operations, the firm is free from conflicts of interest, and can dedicate its staff wholly to focusing on optimizing the clients’ processes and results. In particular, the firm’s expertise within restructuring and debt advisory services is second to none. Being in times of financial struggle can often leave businesses and companies scrambling, and enlisting the services of an independent financial adviser can sometimes be far from the mind. However, the services of Ludwig & Co. can help address the problem at its source; the financial hardships. Through the highest quality advice, excellent execution, and 100% independence, the firm delivers exceptional results. Alongside its specialization in restructuring and debt advisory services, Ludwig & Co. also offers services that focus advice in M&A, advice in capital market issues, sourcing and structuring of equity and debt investments, and strategic management consulting. The firm is made up of a team of corporate finance and private equity specialists to ensure that clients get access to nothing but the very best advice and services that money can buy. Building on their already impressive track record of successful transactions, the team tap into an extensive network of corporations, banks, financial sponsors, and family offices all over the world to help clients, no matter how dire their need. Ludwig & Co. has all the experience and recognition in the market necessary for a highly successful transaction. Both debt advisory and restructuring services require a deft financial hand; one that is assured, calm, and knowledgeable about how to go about solving any outstanding financial issues that stand in the way of future growth. Within the realm of addressing debt, the team at Ludwig & Co. help in a number of different ways. Firstly, any service begins with an in-depth analysis of the financing structure and debt capacity. From there, the appropriate steps can be taken to address any debt, including the development of a suitable financing structure, sourcing of the debt, preparation of transaction documents, and treasury support amongst other vitally helpful services. When it comes to financial restructuring, it is a different approach but the team at Ludwig & Co. bring no less determination, focus, and dedication to the job. Once again, the service starts with a quick check over the current structure whilst keeping an eye out for any red flags that may come up in the analysis. After that is complete, the team move on to the development of a solid rescue and financing plan to help keep a client stable in the future. Armed with a plan, there is then a period of searching for and identifying suitable investor circles, be they strategic investors, financial investors, family offices, high-net- worth individuals or alternative investors. With the searches done, then comes a comprehensive valuation of the companies or assets F Mar20279 belonging to the identified target. If necessary, there is also support in the development of an optimal solvency administration. Otherwise, clients can then enjoy the recapitalization of their company. In everything that the team at Ludwig & Co. do, the focus remains on the client and on generating a profitable, long-term relationship. Clients get the excellent service that meets their high standards. As a partner-led firm, Ludwig & Co. consider the loyalty towards clients as one of its highest values. Not subject to any banking or brokerage operations, the firm can wholly ensure it is acting in the best interest of the client. Not driven by short-term profit maximization, the firm takes care of its clients, helping them get back to a position of financial stability through valuable ideas, sound and reliable advice, and meticulous evaluations. Strength and stability are key in finance, especially when running a business. It can be attractive to both potential employees and investors alike; giving them an assuredness that money can be handled properly, and to great effect. Ludwig & Co. is on hand to help usher in that level of assuredness, helping clients and companies alike find their financial footing and cultivate themselves a position of strength and stability. Company: Ludwig & Co. GmbH Website: Thomas C. Ludwig | Financing, M&A +49 69 920 20 500 50 | [email protected] Hendrik U. Becker | Restructuring, M&A +49 69 920 20 500 20 | [email protected] Rainer J. Rotermund | Debt Advisory +49 69 920 20 500 65 | [email protected]