AI Issue 7 2017

Acquisition International - July 2017 17 uly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and registered under registration number HE259274, ConnectedSky is regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association under license number 524. It is also considered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as an eligible person to conduct fiduciary, trust and other administrative business. Through their affiliated law firm C. Samir & Co. LLC, which is a member of SILFA (Staubach International Law Firm Alliance), ConnectedSky furthermore has representative offices in: Beijing; Berlin; Brussels; Budapest; Dubai; Frankfurt; Hamburg; Koning- Wusterhausen; London; Lugano; Milan; Moscow; Munich; Nicosia; Palma De Mallorca; Prague; Vienna; Warsaw and Wiesbaden. The firm has fully-fledged subsidiaries in Kiev, London ‘ConnectedSky (UK) Limited’, Russia ‘OOO ConnectedSky’, Malta ‘ConnectedSky (Malta) Limited’ and Hong Kong ‘ConnectedSky (HK) Limited’. With representative offices and affiliates worldwide, these factors furthermore reinforce the firm’s global presence with the prolongation of their all-round corporate, banking, legal, tax, accounting and fiduciary services. In addition, they are currently in the process of establishing offices in Warsaw, Poland as well as in the UAE. Charalambos reveals the commitment of his firm’s professionals plus something of their reputation and the areas they specialise in, as the interview begins. “Our professionals are committed to their role as strategic counsellors from both a commercial and legal perspective. Within a global, ever challenging financial environment, ConnectedSky has landmarked its effective approach while properly safeguarding its clients’ interests. Unifying their in- depth expertise while rigorously complying with the relevant legislation and regulations, our team is paving the way as an innovative legal and corporate services provider worldwide. “ConnectedSky and C. Samir & Co. LLC are the keystone companies, belonging to the internationally acclaimed ‘Samir Group’ owned by Mr Charalambos Samir. Being an esteemed member of The Samir Group, our clients enjoy privileged access to the widest range of exclusive business opportunities, international tax, audit and legal services, premium banking and administrative services and financial expertise with bespoke investment assistance. “We stand as the sole point of reference for clients from all over the world. Private HNW and UHNW individuals, major banks and other financial institutions, forex companies, multi-million and multi- billion groups of companies, trusts and foundations rely on The Samir Group for tailor-made solutions and advice.” On being selected as part of the 2017 Business Elite Awards, Charalambos is keen to point out that they are delighted to receive such an honourable recognition of their efforts and how they approach their clients. “Considering our continuing aspiration for excellence on a global scale, we are delighted to receive such an honourable acknowledgment of our dedication and perseverance as an international corporate services provider within increasingly competitive markets. “We value ambition and focus on fostering our clients’ goals and aspirations since we understand ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited D The Sky Is Not the Limit that business in general transcends deals and transactions. Hence we pride ourselves on becoming trusted advisers whilst establishing profound long- term relationships with our clients. This is where our vision, ‘We Grow When You Grow’ comes in.” With the current state of the fluctuating markets due to several factors, including Brexit and the USA presidency, Charalambos is keen to share his thoughts on the extent to which the strongest businesses stand out amongst the competitors and continue to thrive. “Indeed, both Brexit and the USA presidency proved to be interesting events to say the least, however the repercussion on the field of business was tangible yet not strong enough to disrupt the patterns in the professional services sector in Cyprus. “We strongly believe that both events will only increase investors’ attention towards other financial business centres to find adequate solutions in terms of management centres and headquarters. As such, we have witnessed a growing interest and an increased tendency for physical substance in Cyprus, mostly due to the current uncertain political and economic climate.” Charalambos goes on to reveal that the establishment of their fully independent Financial Services Department (FSD) is one of the main projects they aspire to expand. In closing, he expands this interesting point and shares his aspirations for the firm in the future. “Given the growth and the rapid expansion of the financial services industry, in areas such as investment firms and alternative investment funds, Cyprus has been recognised as a harbour for investment and business opportunities. Within a favourable regulatory environment that comforts the relevant European and international standards, Cyprus has set out the relevant parameters which result in it being a valuable jurisdiction. “Our Financial Services Department, with headquarters in Limassol, is ready to cater to all requests for both investment firms and alternative investment fund sectors, either those related to the acquiring of a license or the operations and all statutory requirements originating from the relevant legal framework. In a dynamic industry, where time and money are of essence, we manage to provide bespoke solutions which will ensure compliance with the legal obligations on one hand and the flexibility for our clients to grow and thrive on the other. “Another project which reflects our continuous development and the consideration of our clients’ needs, is the recent establishment of our multi-family office, DESMOS CAPITAL LIMITED which has its headquarters in London. Following our approach to go beyond conventional asset management, we strive to be a strategic partner across the whole spectrum of a client’s family wealth, which includes, inter alia, full wealth coordination, private banking, investment advice and all-round executive lifestyle support. “Finally, we are also proud to announce our exciting CYMEBA project (Cyprus Middle East Business Association). CYMEBA constitutes of a business bridge between countries of the Middle East and Cyprus, as well as a gateway to the rest of the world through Cyprus, thereby attracting foreign investors to perform direct and indirect investments in and through Cyprus respectively.” “So, for me personally, I believe that true leadership is demonstrated when leading by example. You must be the change you want to see. It is only then that a CEO can create a sense of loyalty and passion in his employees. At the end of the day, you need a team that is inspired to go the extra mile, not simply to work down their checklist within their working hours. Working with a team that shares such passion, integrity and drive is what keeps me motivated as well. “ On challenges that lie ahead, Charalambos points towards changes in the geopolitical landscape, an increasingly strict regulatory environment and higher demand due to increasing globalisation. This leaves investors looking for business partners who stand out and can prove their worth. He develops this vital point in his own words. “As such I would say that developing and securing a strong brand loyalty is one of the foremost challenges. ConnectedSky has anticipated such and has invested heavily in the setting up of interconnected globalised services, through the establishment of offices all around the world. Our current key offices are in the most well-esteemed business centres such as London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Kiev, Malta, Nicosia and Limassol, thus accommodating our clients with a more personalised approach, in their own language and close to home. “Given ConnectedSky’s ambitious growth, there is a second challenge that lies ahead which equally translates into an opportunity. A captain is nothing without a crew, indeed having a strong team is vital to the growth of any successful business. Therefore, the emphasis must lie on finding team members whose visions and values are in line with the company’s, as opposed to finding employees with a lengthy list of titles and merits. Eagerness to learn and determination to succeed are key assets that have proven to be rare yet priceless values.” Finally, Charalambos is keen to add further insight into his role as a CEO, concluding this insightful and thought-provoking interview. “Whilst emphasising a company culture rooted in creativity, smart thinking and open communication, I believe that one should always pursue to be the very best version of themselves. Nobody is born with a perfect skillset that includes effective leadership and continuing innovation, so I believe that these can only be acquired from a continuing willingness to work hard and diligently. “Therefore, as a CEO, it is my uncompromising duty to be a role model and demonstrate the conduct that will inspire my team members to become the best they could possibly be. I take great pride in seeing the positive individual and collective results so far, coming from such a guiding, over-arching approach within the company.”