Issue 6 2024

16 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 Ensuring Sustainability of Organisational Talent Path Forward Consulting (PFC) is a talent management firm dedicated to shifting organisational behaviour from good intentions to business impact. Recognised in this year’s Global Excellence Awards, the firm helps organisations to achieve their goals by incorporating best practices in talent management, leadership development, and organisational effectiveness. Contact: Allison Manswell Company: Path Forward Consulting Web Address: With a dual focus on people and business impact, Path Forward Consulting (PFC) provides exceptional consulting, customised training, and coaching services to provide organizational effectiveness, leadership and employee development. Since its inception, the firm has become a trusted partner of many Fortune 500 companies, small and midsized organisations, U.S. government agencies, international organisations, and non-profits. Founded by Allison Manswell, PFC helps businesses to optimize their largest expense (salaries) by ensuring the organizational culture matches the business goals and creating more inclusive workplaces.. With over 25 years’ human resources experience, Allison leverages her expertise to help clients create stronger teams and help individuals develop the skills necessary to thrive. Path Forward Consulting is a future-forward firm known for cutting-edge solutions, depth of expertise, and achievement of impactful results. Its professional team provides outcomes based on a customized approach and client-centric service delivery. Kyla Kelly, Chief of Staff, Sales Strategy, and Operations at Google says, “Thanks PFC for your incredibly customised and nimble support in designing and delivering an impactful session for our senior leadership meeting. We appreciated your responsiveness and flexibility during the initial scoping and customisation process. Your hybrid delivery model allowed those in-person and online to participate fully and remain engaged throughout the entire session. Overall, the session was engaging and a great fit for our leadership team. We look forward to working with you again.” This is a critical time in U.S. history where organisations are being held accountable for the commitments made in 2020. Many senior executives are struggling with how to balance the impact of a post-pandemic environment, political trends and unwavering stakeholder expectations. Through its transformative work, PFC supports leaders, employees, and government agencies to ensure that they can execute their mission, meet financial goals and stay integrity on corporate social responsibility commitments. Allison Manswell shares, “We have been preparing for the economic and political landscape that 2024 has ushered in. As we settle into a sustained post-pandemic workplace, culture is finally being recognised as one of the primary business assets that organisations have. Additionally, HR is being tasked with becoming more creative and strategic about talent solutions. Our organisation has amplified our offerings around organisational culture and leadership development to prepare our clients for the shifts they can expect in the next 3-5 years.” Organisational development professionals are currently facing a refreshed effort to erase DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) gains, reduce program budgets and staff, and roll back the clock on systemic equality. Path Forward Consulting is working with clients to adjust their language and strategy in this evolving landscape while preserving stakeholder commitments. Core values of innovation, impact, and integrity remain at the heart of the firm’s business model. To fulfil its vision of a more prosperous and equitable global community, PFC continues to develop new products and services. The firm understands the type of solutions required to create sustainable change and has enhanced its consulting services to include group coaching for individual contributors and executive coaching for leaders and senior executives. Furthermore, its training content is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that its learning experiences incorporate the latest research developments and thought leadership. Path Forward Consulting has expanded its coaching portfolio to make career coaching more accessible for individuals outside of their employment. With its transformative curriculum and expert instructors, the firm’s training is designed to support career development by sharing insider knowledge on lateral moves, promotions, and job searches. Additionally, PFC has made a series of webinar conversations available through Mercury Lab on topics such as ‘The Future of Racial Equity’ and ‘Seven Ways to Demonstrate Commitment to Sustainable Results in DEI’. In July 2024, Allison Manswell is set to release ‘Someday Is Today: Achieving Racial Equity in the Workplace’, the long-anticipated sequel to her first novel, ‘Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace’. This second instalment includes a foreword by Terrence Floyd, brother of George Floyd, and will move the conversation from awareness to solutions. Under Allison’s passionate leadership, PFC works to ensure a future where organisations fulfil their responsibility as corporate citizens. For its innovative solutions, Path Forward Consulting has been honoured as this year’s Most Influential Workplace Race Relations Specialist – USA. Contact: Allison Manswell Company: Path Forward Consulting Web Address: https://www.