Issue 6 2024

14 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 Feb24521 Transforming the Connected Customer Experience pstream Works is passionate about developing innovative solutions to help organisations exceed their customer experience goals. The business is deeply committed to understanding its partners and customers’ needs and challenges in order to create tailored omnichannel and artificial intelligence (AI) contact centre solutions that make a measurable difference to their customer experiences. With over 20 years of contact centre and omnichannel expertise, organisations around the world and across numerous industries continue to benefit from Upstream Works’ experience, integration flexibility, and effective solutions. Unlike other software developers, Upstream Works provides a customised solution that allows contact centres to innovate with AI and new technologies while leveraging their current investments. By leveraging the omnichannel agent desktop as a front-end interface, Upstream Works enables contact centres to integrate business, vertical, contact centre, AI, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Its enhanced agent desktop allows organisations to create streamlined workflows and empowers them to provide a more efficient and personalised customer experience. In its fast-growing industry, Upstream Works has become renowned for rapid innovation, advanced omnichannel solutions, AI-driven optimisation, and exceptional customer care. The Upstream Works Omni AI Hub is a centralised framework and a suite of AI capabilities. The Omni AI Hub powers functionalities like conversation summaries, transcriptions, intent recognition, sentiment analysis, and escalations. It allows on-premise, hybrid, and cloud contact centres to accelerate innovation and choose their own AI to deliver exceptional customer self-service and intelligent agent assistance. The Omni AI Hub connects, orchestrates, and operationalises organisations’ choice of AI and includes the AI Messaging Link, Agent Assist, Assist Knowledge, and Performance Analytics. The framework is fully scalable, secure, and enterprise-ready to help contact centres simplify AI implementation, resulting in improved efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. Upstream Works’ omnichannel and AI contact centre solutions are a testament to the business’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance agent and customer experiences. Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works, says, “Artificial intelligence is a major breakthrough in our industry, and Upstream Works has recognised the problems it poses around moving from proof of concept (POC) to production. Our products and capabilities are uniquely suited to assist with this process and help businesses operationalise AI and simplify AI implementation. “Our flexible approach enables organisations to accelerate AI with a standardised AI framework and processes that streamline design, integration and implementation. We provide the flexibility to implement third-party AI applications and/or Upstream Works AI operating onpremise or cloud (VPC). We simplify contact centre AI implementation, empowering organisations to optimise performance with advanced agent tools within the Upstream Works Agent Desktop for intelligent Agent Assist and automated customer self-service.” Most recently, Upstream Works has launched AgentNow, a fast and effective way to connect customers with qualified contact centre agents through Unified Communications (UC) platforms like Webex and Microsoft Azure Communications Services (ACS). Customers can gain immediate access to on-demand agents that are available to support staff through a mixture of chat, audio and video. Customers requiring assistance can simply scan a QR code or visit a web interface using their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a kiosk. AgentNow is currently operating United Airlines’ Agent On Demand Service, which provides customers with fast customer service through a QR code displayed in airports. This service allows airport customers to skip the line at the information desk and offers them instant service during busy times such as flight delays and cancellations. Over the coming years, Upstream Works aims to expand its global footprint and become agnostic in regards to the provider of the contact centre phone system. Secondly, the business will continue to enhance its AI offerings with more integrated capabilities that will improve productivity, efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. Upstream Works is dedicated to providing organisations with flexible platform-agnostic omnichannel contact centre solutions that work with the business and their AI applications to improve the agent and customer experience. Recognised in this year’s Global Excellence Awards, Upstream Works’ omnichannel and AI solutions enable organisations to accelerate innovation and automate their contact centre for optimised performance, outstanding self-service, and intelligent agent assistance. For its integration flexibility and enterprise-ready solutions, we have bestowed on Upstream Works our award for Leading Developer of Contact Centre Software 2024 – Canada. Contact: Rob McDougall, CEO Company: Upstream Works Software Web Address: For over two decades, Upstream Works has been a contact centre innovator dedicated to simplifying and enhancing agent and customer experiences through strategic and integrative technology solutions. Upstream Works’ pioneering software is designed to help clients achieve operational efficiency, drive long-term business growth, and revolutionise the connected customer experience. We speak to CEO Rob McDougall about how Upstream Works Software has shaped the future of customer experience. U