Issue 6 2024

12 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 ituated in South Africa, Future Africa Consulting (FACT) is a committed entity whose dedication to driving its clients success remains unparalleled to this day. Capable of creating tailored solutions that are highly adaptable depending on a client’s telecommunication needs, the collective leverages its advantages to ensure that, no matter how demanding a task may be, it’s able to remain a reliable force within the industry. It’s for this very reason that FACT has become something of a standout within its field – not only does it pursue innovation on a daily basis, but it harnesses said innovation to craft ingenious solutions to age-old problems. Whether it’s integrating new technologies to elevate dated systems, or providing all new solutions to clients in search of a complete telecommunications overhaul, FACT is beyond eager to share its knowledge with the wider industry. Specialising in professional services, managed services, digital services, and onboarding the latest advancements in technology – such as 5G and IoT – FACT presents the most comprehensive suite of services to date. As a direct result, it has amassed a plethora of strategic partnerships with industry leaders, allowing it to remain agile in such a notoriously dynamic landscape. It’s for this very reason that, throughout South Africa’s bustling telecommunications solutions sphere, FACT has managed to position itself as the definitive choice. Partnered with its unwavering commitment to delivering tailored solutions that promise to address and tackle the unique challenges facing its clients, FACT has become an entity coveted for its immense expertise. However, FACT’s brilliance doesn’t end here – on the contrary, it has spent countless hours honing its practises behind the scenes, guaranteeing high standards of quality and reliability across all of its services. In short, FACT has a earned itself a reputation for being the most dedicated collective of its nature for a reason, and it’s easy to understand why. However, among FACT’s brimming portfolio of prior excellence, there’s one service in particular that stands out from the rest – its Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) service. Widely identified by the broader market as a cutting-edge solution that excels at revolutionising the telecommunication landscape, ORAN essentially enables flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency by separating hardware and software components in radio access networks. As a result, clients gain unbridled access to customisable and adaptable solutions that can be shaped around their specific needs, securing optimal performance and enhanced network capabilities across their practises. By making full use of ORAN’s extensive capabilities, clients can expect to experience improved network performance, while simultaneously reducing their operational costs. Additionally, FACT’s ORAN service boasts an open architecture that grants an immense level of freedom to clients – from increased flexibility, to being able to choose from a vast array of vendors and technologies. As such, collectives of any nature can stay ahead of the competition, all while adapting to the everevolving demands of the market. FACT set out to play an invaluable part in its clients’ growth, and ORAN is the perfect example of how it’s gone about doing so. In fact, FACT’s ORAN service has already received an abundance of praise from clients who have implemented it into their day to day operations. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular emphasis placed on the stark contrast between their previous network efficiency, reliability, and cost savings before ORAN, and their newfound success with the service. In an industry prone to fluctuation, more and more collectives are in dire need of both a flexible and scalable service to manage their networking capabilities, and ORAN has proven to fill this void perfectly. In FACT’s own words – “By leveraging our ORAN service, clients can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the dynamic telecommunications industry.” If we were to tighten our focus onto one particular case study of just how much of a positive impact FACT’s ORAN service has had on the market, we must look no further than a very recent example. This significant project – involving the deployment and integration of ORAN solutions for a leading telecommunications provider – saw the FACT team successfully integrating ORAN architectures into a pre-existing, complex framework. Immediately, the provider noticed a drastic improvement in network performance, scalability, and flexibility, and marks an incredible accomplishment for FACT as a collective. Of course, no company could possibly soar to such heights if not for the practise of exceptional leadership from its CEO. In this vein, FACT is no different, and it frequently praises the tireless work of its visionary founder and CEO: Nargis Gani. Recognised as a pioneer of tech entrepreneurship, Nargis has spent her years relentlessly pursuing innovation and empowerment, ultimately guiding her toward untapped niches just waiting to be explored. Where most may have shied away, Nargis instead took the brave steps necessary to fully understand the nuances of the tech industry, ultimately allowing her to transform various ideas into tangible solutions for clients across the region. At its core, FACT is a revolutionary collective that, enhanced by its founder’s impeccable eye for uncovering the unexplored niches of the technology industry, has championed the sphere in more ways than one. Now known as the definitive telecommunications solutions provider in Africa, FACT promises to live up to the expectations it has outlined for itself, and then some. It’s for this very reason that the collective has attracted the attention of Acquisition International, and we’re beyond honoured to present it with the title of Leading Telecommunications BPO Provider 2024 - South Africa. We’re certain that, as the future progresses, Future Africa Consulting will continue to amaze the telecommunications industry with its innovative ideas, and we can’t wait to see its exciting plans unfold in the coming months. Until then, we extend our sincere congratulations to Future Africa Consulting for earning its place among Africa’s greats. Contact: Nargis Gani Company: Future Africa Consulting Web Address: Proudly standing as the pinnacle of digital innovation, Future Africa Consulting (FACT) is a powerful partner when it comes to enhancing its clients technologically driven processes. Since it first made its debut onto the scene, it has been astounding collectives across South Africa, with its ability to consistently deliver reliable, professional, managed, and unapologetically innovative digital services underpinning its brilliance. As such, FACT has been recognised by Acquisition International as the Leading Telecommunications BPO Provider 2024 - South Africa, and we explore just how it rose to such acclaim below. S The Heart of Tech Evolution