Issue 6 2024

10 | Acquisition International, Issue 6 2024 The Genesis of Funding 2002 – the year that marks the creation of Genesis Funding Services Limited. Developed as a means to provide unrestricted investment fund administration services to The Bahamas, this boutique collective offers personalised solutions to all clients. For over two decades, the company has amassed a stellar reputation that has ultimately earned it Acquisition International’s title of Leading Fund Administration Services Provider 2024 – Bahamas. Below, we explore how Genesis Funding Services grows with its clients to deliver ingenious funding support that’s built to last. Contact: Shonalee Munroe Company: Gensis Funding Services Limited Web Address: Coming together as an independent financial solutions firm, Genesis Funding Services is a bespoke fund administrator who promises to alleviate the strain placed upon investment fund managers, family offices, endowments, banks, trust companies, commodity pool officers, and individuals alike. Essentially operating in tandem with its clients’ unique protection and preservation needs, Genesis Funding Services has devised a myriad of approaches to ensuring that both businesses and their wealth are safeguarded at all costs. It achieves this through the application of its extensive knowledge, delivered by global professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to sourcing tangible, real-time solutions. Comprised of experts who have spent years honing their skills, Genesis Funding Services has quickly amassed global recognition, with its services guaranteeing reliability, transparency, and innovation within the dynamic fund landscape. As technology evolves, so does the collective, allowing it to continuously create opportunities for both itself and its clients alike. Put simply, Genesis Funding Services is fully focused on growing side by side with its clients, encouraging its team to remain diligent when it comes to continuous change. For far too long, protecting wealth has been a tricky task to tackle, leading to the long-awaited genesis of new fund administration services. This genesis is, of course, exactly what this award-winning collective represents. From the moment it emerged onto the scene, Genesis Funding Services has certainly lived up to its name, with its impact being felt far and wide. By combining consistency, respect, integrity, discipline, diligence, and excellence, its team capably demonstrates an astute understanding of how to flawlessly navigate any challenges posed by its market. While some may struggle to overcome these obstacles alone, Genesis Funding Services proudly acts as a companion, ensuring that, no matter what, its partnered businesses remain fully in control of their operations and wealth. From fund administration, to corporate admin services, back office operations that see it acting as a courteous main contact between managers and third party investors, registrar and transfer agency, and risk and compliance solutions, Genesis Funding Services presents the industry with a comprehensive suite just waiting to be explored. Whatever a client may opt for, the collective guarantees permanent access to a highly professional expert who, no matter the circumstances, will support them in their ventures. Truly, Genesis Funding Services holds one of the industry’s largest catalogue of solutions, distinguishing it as an entity that certainly deserves its position on the Acquisition International stage. Here at Acquisition International, we are always eager to share the brilliance of others with our readers, and Gensis Funding Services more than fits our definition of an outstanding collective. Driven, dedicated, and dominant in the fund advisory field, Gensis Funding Services is an exemplary entity whose services promise to play a pivotal role in reshaping how organisations view their funding strategies. As such, we believe it’s only fitting to present Gensis Funding Services with the title of Leading Fund Administration Services Provider 2024 – Bahamas, and we hope its invaluable impact will continue to elevate the preservation of its clients’ businesses and wealth for the foreseeable future.