Issue 6 2023

14 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 Innovative Solutions To Help You Succeed raditional operations such as handwritten notes, spreadsheet accounting practices, paper trail audits, printed receipts, pen and ink signatures, and more are approaches to property management that technology has transformed. What was once time consuming and repetitive, is now made easy thanks Gearco. Gearco offers an innovative and comprehensive cloud service package that shortens work time, eliminates error, maintains compliance, handles point of sale, governs rules, schedules housekeeping and maintenance, and so much more. The benefits are endless, but, overall, it allows customers to invest their time in other aspects of their business which can be of assistance to their growth and success. Even though Gearco’s system is an easy-to-use intuitive software, the shift to digital can still be daunting – which is why Gearco has an integration and training team. They guide new users through the transition and import the existing data they have into the system. This takes away any stress and makes the process seamless and fast, allowing clients to have their systems running and in use quicker than they ever imagined possible. Gearco is customer focused and it prioritises quality, innovation, and collaboration. In order to best support those who seek its services, it has a personalised approach for each customer and its team ensure to provide the solutions that they are looking for. Its management team works closely with them to determine their individual needs and then the development team tailors the products to best serve their business. A significant difference of Gearco’s services is that it is a responsive provider. If at any point you have any issues or questions the support team will be able to assist you with whatever you may need. The team goes above and beyond to help, even if it means reshaping products to better match your policies, procedures, workflows, and security practices. The team at Gearco have a common passion and end goal which is to create innovative solutions that can support a variety of customers. The respect and care the team at Gearco share is represented through what they can deliver to clients. The strong foundation they work form allows them to deliver great solutions and services. This has all led Gearco to receive the title of Best in CloudBased Property Management Solutions 2023 – Georgia. T Apr23602 Customers have shared their experiences, and the testimonials reflect how well Gearco’s team delivers its great solutions. Christal Harman shares, “We have very unique business needs for the system, and they have gone over and above to accommodate our requests for changes – and help us resolve issues to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible. From start to finish they make the entire launch and implementation process as smooth as possible.” If you are interested in a company that not only provides high quality software, but also truly cares about its customers. Head over to Gearco’s website to find out more. Company: Gearco Contact: Joe Gorrell Web Address: Gearco is a tech company that develops products and services for the accommodation industry, to help manage guest activity, drive revenue, and control risks for long-term stay properties. Here we learn more about the company and what it offers alongside its recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023.