Issue 6 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 11 Game changers in a universe of solutions. without straining its own financial and human resources. Presently, it is still the only group capable of mass production in regard of automated mineralogy tailored for exploration, so the market is for grab! IOS was until recently a family-owned business, now in the process of transferring ownership and passion to its employees after a management buyout. During such transition, it is imperative that resources are kept available for development, and that innovation pipeline continues to flow. The successful business culture must be perpetuated. IOS has a business principle to be authentic, caring, and always ready to face the barricades. It sees leadership not as a matter of convincing others, but of inspiring them. And this inspiration should come from a person’s façon d’être or, simply put, way of being. These are the values IOS feels are important enough to encourage people to follow. So it will not change these core values to attract clients or talents! After all, in business you either copy the competition, or get copied. It says a lot that the competitors are trying to copy the IOS model, which is an honor! Good leaders are something that help to attract both clients and partners who share the company values. This makes work a pleasure, not a chore. The industry is currently red-hot in Québec due to it experiencing a critical metal frenzy. Having a strong business culture, IOS succeeded to attract talents. Compounded with new technologies that are disruptive and fulfilling a real demand, it can capitalise on maintaining its dominant position in the market for a while. As Québec’s Best Geological Consultancy 2023, IOS Services Géoscientifiques Inc is finding itself much in demand, as discoveries by clients are piling up. But then again, this is the kind of remarkable thing to be expected when you change the rules of the game! Company: IOS Services Géoscientifiques Inc Web Address: Contact Name: Réjean Girard