Issue 6 2022

42 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2022 A Home From Home n a large project, one of the last considerations is the logistical challenge of where people will stay. For whoever is responsible for organising this incredible feat, as well as the workforce staying in the accommodation, problems at this stage can lead to a lot of frustration and a lack of productivity as a result. Comfy Workers streamlines the process, providing a simple booking platform through which research, tendering, shortlisting and selection can be completed. With such focus on one platform, the challenge of choosing between different options suddenly becomes one which is straightforward indeed. A great deal of time, money and hassle can be saved through using the comprehensive solution offered by this incredible company. With a singular point of contact, it’s possible to automate much of the process involved in any booking, allowing the organiser to focus on the work that is most important to them as opposed to performing busy work. The range of options available through Comfy Workers is just one of the reasons behind their success. No two projects are the same in terms of length of time or manpower, and so an incredibly flexible approach must be taken by the team. The firm offers multiple stays, multiple properties, and multiple jobs, across many months in a single booking. Booking this sort of accommodation can be frustrating for businesses as despite the popularity of online booking in the leisure industry, the market for those booking for business purposes is incredibly small. O On large projects, the logistics of finding accommodation can be overwhelming. Often, it pays to turn to a specialist, and there are no specialists finer those found at Comfy Workers. In Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Awards 2022, Comfy Workers earned the prestigious title of Best Contractor Accommodation Booking Platform – UK. We take a closer look to uncover how they earned this impressive accolade. Company: Comfy Workers Name: Greg Dorban Email: Web Address: Mar22342 The size of the sector, however, has empowered Comfy Workers and allowed the business to thrive. Now an established part of the accommodation infrastructure, the team at Comfy Workers now have over 10,000 accommodation options around the UK, spread across over 1,500 partner host providers. This high level of provision is unique in the marketplace, and has yet to be matched by the competition. It’s little surprise with such impressive range that hundreds of companies trust the Comfy Workers team to deliver time and time again. The nature of Comfy Workers means that those who book with them once will generally book again, as well as telling friends, colleagues and acquaintances. These partnerships reflect the broad range of different companies that the team work with, providing each and every one with the specialist focus that they need. Over the years, it has been immensely rewarding for the team to watch the growth of their clients. The degree of organisation these specialists offer their clients is a core component of this. The challenges facing the Comfy Workers team are much the same as workforces around the world. Costs are rising across the board, putting more budgetary pressures on project costs. The pressure of this has lowered accommodation costs accordingly, but the Comfy Workers team is often able to negotiate lower rates and save them money. This level of care, even during the most difficult of times, is why the team are trusted with such an invaluable part of any project. The future might seem uncertain, but what is clear is that Comfy Workers will adapt in order to flourish. The way in which they treat their customers is superb, showcasing what it really means to offer a service to customers and overcome a major frustration in their lives. The impact they’ve had on large projects across the UK is immeasurable. We look forward to what they do next.