Issue 6 2019

60 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2019 Mar19231 Ramni Taneja is an Indian Advocate and a sole practitioner who is practising as an Advocate in the Supreme Court of India as well as in the Delhi High Court. Recently, Ramni found success in Acquisition Intl.’s 2019 Global Excellence Awards. On the back of this win, we profiled Ramni as we looked to discover more about the exceptional services she provides to her clients. amni Taneja has been practising law since 1980, and covers litigation and transactional legal work, in an addition to all areas of civil law, commercial law, corporate law, constitutional law and criminal law. Alongside this, Ramni also advises the clients she works with on transactional issues. Many of Ramni’s clients include multinational companies, Indian companies (both public and private), statutory corporations and individual clients to name but a few. Ramni and her team are strictly prohibited under Indian law to ‘approach’ clients. The standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette issued by the Bar Council of India concerning Indian Advocates are strictly enforced. Supporting Ramni in delivering a professional, high-level service is the dedicated team who play a significant role in the overall success of the firm. Both Ramni’s Administrative Manager and the firm’s Para Legal Manager are the practice’s pivotal strength. Contact: Ramni Taneja, Advocate & Notary Address: A 34 Defence Colony New Delhi 110024 India, Enrolment No: D 336A/1980 Telephone:+91 11 41552051; 41552052 Fax: +91 11 4155 2053 Web Address: Upholding the Dignity of the Legal Profession R For many, during their career they will have to face and overcome many challenges which may arise. For Ramni, her commitment to the legal profession as well her dedication to the work that she provides for her clients both represent the greatest challenges. Abiding by the rule of law, preserving the dignity of the legal profession and observing the highest standards of professional ethics remain for Ramni the primary pillars of the legal profession today. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Ramni will continue to provide clients with her exceptional services, ensuring that she upholds the dignity of the legal profession in India. Ultimately, Ramni hopes to build upon the numerous accomplishments achieved over the years, with the most recent being her success in Acquisition Int.’s 2019 Global Excellence Awards where she was righteously awarded the accolade India’s Most Trusted for Commercial Litigation 2019.