Issue 6 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2019 55 Feb19402 Located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, The Dean Law Firm, PLLC is an Estate Planning, Probate, Elder Law and Appellate boutique committed to providing quality, supportive services. We profile this award-winning firm to find out more. ow you will be remembered by your loved ones and community is determined by what you do now. At the Dean Law Firm, the team’s passion is to partner with you to craft the kind of legacy that has a multiplying impact for good. Proactively planning your legacy can turn a legacy prone to decimation to one that can provide security for your loved ones as well as be used for compounding good in your community and world. It is this passion and quest for excellence that has driven the success of The Dean Law Firm to be recognized by AI Magazine in its 2019 Global Excellence Awards as Texas’ Most Outstanding Estate Planning Boutique 2019. At the heart of the firm’s success is Managing Attorney Julia Dean’s deep love for serving others and providing an environment where her team can thrive and provide excellent services to its clients in return. The client experience, from the first contact and throughout the legal services, is focused on caring for clients, listening to their needs and finding creative solutions to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It truly is a different kind of legal experience for the client. The firm’s solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of its clients. After all, asset protection is a concern of most of us today, and as such, the Dean Law Firm provides multiple options to protect your hard-earned assets and provide security to future generations. Experienced with complex estate planning and asset protection techniques, you will find the consultation to be educational, expanding the possibilities for your legacy. Alongside this, The Dean Law Firm focuses its Estate Planning practice on Wills and Trusts that includes a wide variety of options for estate tax planning, asset protection planning, probate avoidance planning, and philanthropic gift planning. The firm also provides disability planning, including trusts for those with special needs and long-term care needs. Estate planning intersects with many different areas that The Dean Law Firm focuses its practice on as well, including Probate, Trust and Estate Administration, Guardianship, and Elder Law. Effective estate planning requires comprehensive planning for the various contingencies that can arise. Having a team that assists you with this comprehensive planning is vital to achieving your goals and ensuring their implementation. The team at The Dean Law Firm wants to spare you and your loved ones of the expense, delay, and frustration associated with your disability or with managing your affairs when you pass away. Their desire is to take away as much of the burden as possible, allowing you and your loved ones to experience peace of mind in whatever the future may bring. The Dean Law Firm, PLLC : Helping Clients Leave A Lasting Legacy H While not everyone thinks of it, everyone is in need of an estate plan. Thinking through now the implications of your possible disability and what you want to happen when you are no longer around to care for your loved ones can have great ramifications on their well-being as well as your ability to positively impact your community. Fundamentally, your legacy can have a multiplication effect in your community and world. The Dean Law Firm can assist you in amplifying your impact now and in the future. If your heart is to give to others or charities in a compounding way, The Dean Law Firm can work with you to fulfil that dream. Looking to the future, the Dean Law Firm is keen to provide its award- winning support and services to an even wider array of clients, and as such, the firm’s ongoing focus is firmly fixed on expansion and enhancing its already impressive success. Ultimately, the Dean Law Firm recognizes that each person’s situation is different and customizes the estate plan to your individual needs and desires. Enjoy a unique approach to planning your legacy when you come into The Dean Law Firm and experience why they were selected Texas’ Most Outstanding Estate Planning Boutique 2019. Company: The Dean Law Firm, PLLC Contact: Julia Dean Website: