AI Issue 6 2018

62 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 Onyx Solar is the global leader in the design and manufacture of transparent solar PV glass for buildings. We profiled the firm and spoke to the team at Onyx Solar as we look to explore the secrets behind its success, as well as finding out more about the services provided by the firm. nvironmentally friendly, the transparent solar PV glass for buildings manufactured by Onyx Solar generates free and clean energy from the sun, provides high thermal and acoustic insulation and protection from harmful solar radiation, filtering out 99% of ultraviolet radiation and 95% of infrared radiation. This glass minimizes the energy demand of any property, while increasing its value. Furthermore, the glass is fully customizable in terms of size, shape, colour, degree of transparency and finishing, and is able to replace conventional glass in different parts of the buildings, skylights, curtain walls, canopies, and the building envelope in general. Finally, the company has developed the first photovoltaic walkable floor, as well as photovoltaic furniture, capable of charging electronic devices, and the world largest solar PV glass units, measuring 4 x 2 metres. As in any industry, there are many opportunities which will present themselves for the company, as well as challenges, but Onyx Solar is prepared to meet these head on. Aesthetic integration has become one of the top concerns for architects and clients. This reality has forced the company to move in the direction of providing a glass that is fully customizable in terms of shape, colour, transparency degree and others, while retaining all of its photovoltaic characteristics and structural integrity. Staff have also noted an increased focus on refurbishment and renovation of older buildings and, as sustainability requirements become even more prevalent, this trend will only grow in the future. Evidentially, Onyx Solar is thriving as a business and is contributing to the industry as a whole. Being successful on the back of its innovation, ambition Company: Onyx Solar Phone: 34 920 21 00 50 Email: Address: Calle Río Cea 1, 46 Avila, 05004, Spain Website: Transparent Solar PV Glass for Buildings E 1804AI45 and creative staff, the team point us towards evidence as to how the business is succeeding. “With over 150 projects executed in the five continents, we have taken part in large-scale projects for leading companies such as Samsung, FEMSA/Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Heineken and Novartis, and public institutions like the US government, who are already enjoying the benefits of our photovoltaic glass in their buildings. Here at Onyx Solar, we provide advice to preeminent architects worldwide, and we have worked for the most important construction companies in the world. “One of our recent projects has involved the largest-of-its-kind photovoltaic skylight in the world. As a part of the complete revitalization of the two-million square-foot former Bell Labs facility into an iconic mixed-use metroburb located in Holmdel, New Jersey, Onyx Solar is supplying Bell Works with 60,000 SqFt of amorphous Silicon photovoltaic glass. Upon completion, the PV skylight will both naturally illuminate the complex while generate free, clean electricity from the sun. It will simultaneously offset approx. 60 tons of annual CO2 emissions, drastically improving the building’s energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. “Bell Works’ skylight will feature 24 different glass units from Onyx Solar to cover the various unique skylight schemes at the Eero Saarinen-designed architectural gem. Each will be comprised of amorphous Silicon thin film photovoltaic (a-Si PV) active glass, laminated between two sheets of tempered safety glass, allowing for 20% Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) to reduce solar heat gain while producing energy, all while preserving Bell Work’s historical design.” The success does not stop here, as the team point out that client expectations have risen, and the firm will work incredibly hard to continue being the overall leader in the industry. It aims to achieve this by creating buildings will be energy self-sufficient, as the team alludes to below. “Essentially, we aspire not only to meet our client’s expectations but to surpass them, always delivering the most advanced photovoltaic glass in the market. This means keeping up with market trends, clients’ “ the team point out that client expectations have risen, and the firm will work incredibly hard to continue being the overall leader in the industry.”