AI Issue 6 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 41 Rayes & Fagundes is a full-service law firm with its main offices located in the city of São Paulo. We spoke to João Paulo Fagundes as we look to find out more about the ambitious law firm which puts a unique spin on its legal cases. rimming with experience and expertise, Rayes & Fagundes has branches in three important cities of Brazil alongside its base in Sao Paulo; throughout Campinas- SP, Belo-Horizonte-MG and Rio de Janeiro-RJ, and also relies on independent local firms nationwide. Joao starts off the discussion by talking about the firm, its staff and the vast array of clients that it works with, something he feels is an exciting part of the company’s job. “Currently, the firm has around 100 lawyers, including partners and associates, and assists domestic and foreign clients – individuals and legal entities – from different industries (corporations in the most varied sectors of activities, financial institutions and government bodies). “Furthermore, it has also been an honour and pleasure for our firm to provide legal services to cultural and philanthropic organisations. Moreover, it is important to point out that we maintain partnerships and alliances with national and international organisations, such as IBA, Lexwork International, International Law Firms, among others.” A crucial aspect of the law firm’s success has been its ability to appease clients and ensure that the desired outcome is reached on both sides, for both the client and the firm. Joao explains what measures his team employ in order to guarantee that the client’s expectations are matched, or even exceeded. “Here at Rayes & Fagundes, our mission is to be different, to think different, to find different solutions for our clients. We are 100% business-oriented and our work and advice are designed for performance and speed. This goal has been pursued with great determination and we are now recognised as a unique law firm.” Operating within the legal industry, Joao believes that keeping the business small will allow each member of the team to adopt a personal approach when dealing with clients, and this is integral to the firm’s achievements. “While we are ranked among the largest and most admired Brazilian law firms, we struggle to keep the firm’s size as small as possible. We are recognisably large enough to assist and represent our clients in any type of transaction or case, from a simple one to Company: Rayes & Fagundes Advogados Associados Contact: João Paulo Fagundes Address: Av. Chedid Jafet, 222 | Bloco C | 3º andar, São Paulo- SP, 04551-065, Brazil Telephone: + 55 11 3050 2150 Website: A Proven Track Record of Success B 1806AI51 a very sophisticated deal or a complex litigation. At the same time, we are able to ensure every client is provided with very personalised assistance.” Discussing the legal industry at present, Joao talks about the state of the industry currently, explaining what particular issues and changes the sector is seeing which may present both challenges and opportunities to the firm. “Brazil has been facing a severe political and economic crisis. A few years ago, the country has been downgraded in their degree of investment and has witnessed corruption scandals involving one of its major state company and large construction companies. This situation is a challenge for law firms (e.g. greater flexibility charging the fees to meet the needs of companies), but also brings many opportunities (e.g. assistance in the purchase and sale of assets, investment and disinvestment, reorganisations and others).” Boasting experienced staff who are experienced and well-versed in the legal sector, Joao believes it is vital that his team are 100 business-oriented and that its team are skilled and designed for performance and speed. For this to happen, it is important that Rayes & Fagundes cultivate a thriving working atmosphere, and Joao talks us through the recruitment structure. “When appointing new staff, we always try to hire the best lawyers in the market and we train, teach and push them to be different, to think different and to find solutions for our clients’ problems.” Excited about the future, Joao signs off by commenting on the firm’s future aspirations, as well as predicting what developments will arise across the legal sector which will catapult the firm to the top of the industry. “Recently, the crisis that has been affecting Brazil also brought many opportunities for the law firms. As an example, we can mention the following areas: purchase and sale of assets (especially distressed ones) and restructuring of businesses and companies; judicial reorganisation proceedings; issues related to compliance and so forth. “Ultimately, in the context of an increasingly globalised corporate landscape, the deals require legal assistance to be accurate, agile, and straightforward. Our firm is certainly able to provide advice with these features.”