AI Issue 6 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 31 firm to offer specialist services in a quick and effective manner, according to each client’s specific requirements and, at the same time, allows all professionals – from junior to senior ones, proportionally to their experience - to contribute in the management of important dossiers, knowing their entire evolution and not only portions of them. This approach brings a great amount of satisfaction to many of our young professionals, as well as a sense of belonging.” “Here at Genesis Avvocati, we are all driven by energy and genuine passion for what we do. Constant determination to achieve the result, full involvement in any projects and continuous search for the winning solution for our clients are key ingredients to the success of our Clients.” Ultimately, there is plenty to look forward to for the team at Genesis Avvocati and Stefania, and in her concluding comments, she tells us about her goals for the company, hinting at possible expansion for the firm. “With regards to the future, I would like to help the Italian business to grow, both exploiting and leveraging our actual customers and acquiring new partnerships. Another important goal is to develop our International footprint, as we look to consolidate our presence in Europe widening our network, as we explore new strategic opportunities.” Genesis Avvocati – A Different Approach Internationally Oriented