AI Issue 6 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2018 15 As we advise a wide variety of clients from the corporate world, charities, government bodies and other not for profit organisations our team has the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of different types of work. We have a broad and unique skillset to go alongside a cohesive team which places a strong focus on client service. Moving forwards, we are committed to the ongoing development of our people both in the specialist training needed to be a top-class consultant and in their wider development as business advisers. Many of our consultants gain qualifications or study wider topics at various stages throughout their career. On the job training is also ongoing, and weekly technical meetings take place where consultants at all levels are invited to give their views and share experiences. Mercer’s employment philosophy is to invite employees to ‘bring their whole self to work’. This translates into an atmosphere of tolerance and encouragement with a flexible approach to working that allows our consultants to fit their lives and their work together in the way that suits them. A commitment to diversity is manifested in an environment that looks at ongoing improvement and the introduction of processes and policies so that this commitment is embedded into day to day operations. Leading Executive Remuneration Advisor Mercer | Kepler is a market-leading team of executive remuneration specialists. We have a market-defining approach to the analysis and measurement of performance and pay, allied with strong capabilities in incentive design, target-setting, reward policy benchmarking and development, remuneration governance, shareholder engagement and consultation, and implementation support. What do we do for our clients? Throughout the finance industry, we provide a broad range of services for our clients – ranging from targeted projects to full service support for our clients and the breadth of our services is set out below: “We are appointed advisors to c. 70 FTSE Remuneration Committees, as well as a growing number of companies overseas, with dedicated industry specialists.” Executive Pay in the Current Climate Typically, our clients range from small businesses to FTSE-listed companies to multi-national corporations. We are appointed advisors to c. 70 FTSE Remuneration Committees, as well as a growing number of companies overseas, with dedicated industry specialists. Embedded in the company culture is Mercer | Kepler’s mission statement, and this is to help our clients attract, retain and motivate talent, and to use remuneration to drive the achievement of their business strategy strategies and reinforce success. Across the company, our dedicated industry teams have experience of advising listed and private companies across different sectors and across various regulatory regimes. Overall, we advise clients on all aspects of executive remuneration and have extensive experience in navigating the increasingly complex regulatory requirements in the various sectors and as well as helping our clients maintain strong and positive relationships with regulators, shareholders and proxy advisers on executive remuneration.