AI Issue 6 2017

60 Acquisition International - June 2017 Global Prior Arts claim 2016 Global Excellence Awards’ Best Global IP Search Process award for their IP and prior art search technology. eading law firms and companies choose Global Prior Art to empower well-informed, successful decisions surrounding patent litigation, product clearance (FTO) and planning, licensing and acquisition due diligence, IP portfolio construction and business opportunity assessment. Global’s technical specialists provide proprietary visualization tools that allow their clients to leverage critical information, typically buried in thousands of patent documents. They enable their legal clients to offer sound opinions based on comprehensive and accurate searches, and they position their corporate clients to make the right strategic business decisions, ahead of their competitors. Global Prior Art, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Dr. Bruce Rubinger, who remains the firm’s managing director. Global began as a pioneer in the field of international prior art searches and has evolved into the worldwide leader in complete IP analysis. Global is headquartered in Boston, with searchers based throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, China and Russia. They have broad experience searching literature and patents in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Israel, Sweden, and Switzerland; among other countries. Global’s staff consists of close to 50 technical specialists with advanced degrees from schools such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins; as well as other world-renowned institutions. The expertise at Global Prior Art is based on a combination of deep technical understanding and years of hands-on IP experience. For over 25 years, the firm has built unequalled institutional knowledge to consistently provide their clients with the search findings and analysis required for success. The Company: Global Prior Art Name: Bruce Rubinger Email: rubinger@ Web: Address: Global Prior Art, Inc, 21 Milk Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA, 2109, USA Phone: (617) 574-9574 Leaving an Artistic Impression on the Industry L 1703AI96 team of analysts and project managers are world- class scientists and engineers with years of IP- related search experience and training. Global’s strength is evident in the quality of each interaction between the team and their clients on every project. They believe that transparency and direct communication between the staff working on the project and the client team is essential to building trust and to ensuring that every opportunity for a favourable outcome is captured by working collaboratively with their clients. Success on every project is critical and every project benefits from the collective knowledge of their team members and firm. Global Prior Art has the experience to understand our clients’ individual needs and tailor customized search strategies and deliverables to support their critical intellectual property cases. Each of the company’s specific services leverages the team’s understanding of the requirements and drivers behind their client’s goals. They work collaboratively and transparently with their clients to successfully execute each project. They then combine the technical expertise of their world-class analysts with their proven search techniques to consistently identify critical documents for clients. For leading law firms, companies and universities, Global provide the right strategic search partner to complement their internal strengths. Global’s range of services cover a broad spectrum from prior art searching in support of litigation and IP due diligence to IPLandscape analysis for competitive intelligence and developing market entrance strategies. Their newest successful offering is the pre-examination search in support of Accelerated Examination Applications. They also specialize in developing cost effective and comprehensive product clearance or Freedom-to-Operate searches to ensure that all clients are proactively aware of all potential infringement threats. Understanding technology is critical. Global prior Art place a lot of emphasis on providing an analyst who can provide insight into the field of search. The technical backgrounds of Global’s analysts are closely matched with each specific project and client to fully leverage their expertise and experience. Global believe that the success of any given project is highly dependent on the quality of the analyst’s technical background and actual search experience. “Understanding technology is critical. Global prior Art place a lot of emphasis on providing an analyst who can provide insight into the field of search.”