AI Issue 6 2017

Acquisition International - June 2017 39 Discover the Future, Cross Boundaries My advice is to always be kind to and happy with others. Just as important, be good and shiny to people around you (everyone – the dishwasher, the driver, the server and the maid). Humans deserve respect and kindness - and you never know how the good you deliver to the world will come back around to serve you. In terms of which woman inspiresme and why, I must say that I work with so many talented and amazing women froma rich variety of backgrounds. Only here in UAE, are we working with over 200 nationalities together. They are always a tremendous source of inspiration. My greatest inspiration, though, comes from my family, that is from generations of women and men who continually inspire me through their accomplishments, their grace, their fortitude, their hopes and their dreams. Finally, regarding the most significant challenge for the generation of women behind, I would like to say that globalisation will certainly require leaders, both men and women. Both sexes need to be adept at viewing the world through different cultural lenses - and to adapt their business strategy and behaviour to best lead global teams - and to meet client needs. Finding ways to navigate the demands of a global business and the constantly changing political and economic landscape will be an ongoing challenge for all of us. Women may face an even greater challenge, to the extent that some of the business culture and norms encountered are less accustomed to or accepting of women leaders. My last comment is, ‘Don’t be afraid - to discover the future, you must cross boundaries.’