Issue 5 2022

8 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2022 Austria’s Best in Law Most Influential Civil Law Expert 2022 - Austria ince 2020, founder Michael Ibesich has been working as an independent lawyer within Vienna; however, he began his journey in the sector of law when he graduated from the University of Vienna in 2014. Once completing his court practice, he then worked for several renowned Viennese law firms. As a result, Michael has been reputably representing clients in all phases of civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings throughout his career – exceeding personal, professional, client, and industry expectations. After training with several highly respectable businesses and obtaining internships from New York and Vienna, Michael has showcased his talent within the law sector, aiding various clients with his natural intelligence, instinct and overall experience. Due to this, he has been able to serve clients such as private individuals, companies and public institutions – collectively supported and showcasing the efforts of Michael Ibesich, further proving his reputation as the Most Influential Civil Law Expert in Austria. “It is important to offer each client personalised, customised advice and to develop a total solution tailored to the client,” explains Michael. However, while experience and expertise go a long way in upholding the reputation and founding principles of the company, what makes the business stand out is the efforts given by each member of staff. Michael adds to this, stating, “Good employees and collaborations with other lawyers and experts (tax advisors, business experts, etc.) are essential to the success of a law firm.” However, like for many businesses over the past few years, the Covid-19 pandemic shocked several companies across multiple sectors and industries. While this proved difficult for many lawyers and law firms, this period of uncertainty was successfully managed due to Michael’s dedication and passion and professional efforts. Michael expands on this situation, stating, “Because of the situation, attorneys and courts have had to be flexible. Legislators have also responded. Thus, online court hearings were made possible. Of course, this has also affected our firm since we specialise in litigation, among other things. Overall, however, we have coped S Established as a full-service law firm firmly focused on civil litigation, white-collar criminal law, and family law, IBESICH has been regarded as Austria’s Most Influential Civil Law Experts of 2022. Firmly upholding its founding offerings of utmost importance, IBESICH is known for successfully serving private individuals, companies, and organisations in Austria, focusing on dispute resolution, white-collar crime, and family law. Company Name: IBESICH Contact Name: Michael Ibesich Web Address: Contact Email: Mar22180 well with the new situation, adapted quickly, and offered our clients video conferencing, etc., which has also been well received.” For now, Michael and his company are planning to continue its success in the industry to provide highly regarded services to customers with unparalleled advice. In doing so, the company will remain flexible and respond to the concerns of each individual client to maintain its reputation as Austria’s Most Influential Civil Law Expert.