Issue 5 2022

10 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2022 Mar22436 Law Made Easy Built upon the pillars of consistency and organised practices, the founding partners of Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers have exceptional experience as a collective and collaborative effort within the law industry – utilising their vast talents gained across several areas. Established as Brazil’s Best Boutique Public Law Firm of 2022, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers is inspired to act correctly, providing clients with a global assessment of risks for achievement of positive and solid results. ounded on the professional experiences of its original partners, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers was established with a leading priority – to face the challenges presented by an increasingly competitive, demanding, and sophisticated market, of which the firm is successfully and effectively leading as the Best Boutique Public Law Firm in Brazil. Overall, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers was founded on several principles that allow its lawyers to focus on their time for consistent legal solutions. In addition to this, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers takes pride in its efforts and exceptional attention to detail – considering the client’s business, culture, and goals when providing its legal services. Essentially, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers is regarded as a comprehensive firm that takes care of the legalities and unfathomable complications surrounding law practices and its clients’ necessities. An associate at Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers, explains, “Awareness of such a condition has shaped the company’s profile and became the mainspring of all its movements and strategies of inspiration. Through solid and innovative results, serious and correct risk assessment, based on long and deep experience in all areas of law, the company prioritised the practice in the Superior Courts.” At Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers, the company not only meets modern business standards but exceeds them, along with client and industry expectations. In order to become so highly regarded, members of the firm ensure that the work process is designed intelligently and is constantly optimised – considering the changes of the industry and its client’s needs. For Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers, in order to maintain its reputation and standards, the company and its partners are constantly adapting and improving its technological routines. Doing so has provided the firm with the ability to be prepared for the modern and global market. However, regardless of advances, one thing remains fundamentally unchanged: the measures Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers go to ensure security – guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity of the information. By providing strategic and organisational operation management, Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers can establish an environment that provides the highest ethical, administrative, and institutional standards to its clients. Overall, the Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers team works tirelessly and is committed to providing F excellent results, motivating the entire organisation to pursue positive outcomes. As a result, at Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers, efficient and effective law practices are guaranteed, especially at Brazil’s Best Boutique Public Law Firm. Company Name: Eduardo Ferrão Associated Lawyers Web Address: Contact Email: Phone: +55(61) 2102-7898