Issue 5 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 5 2019 55 Winners’ Listings 2019 Global Excellence Awards Most Influential Woman in Consumer Brand Strategy 2019 - London Name: Elizabeth Finn Company: Cowan London Website: | Pnone: 020 7837 6950 Leaders in Omnichannel Shopping Experiences 2019 - USA Company: Shopkick Most Outstanding Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tool - 2019 Company: Gem Best Specialist Marketing Communications Firm 2019 - Financial Services Company: Panagyric Marketing Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Solutions for Business 2019 - South Africa Company: Emerge ‘Emerge was started in 2012 on the simple idea that the “solutions to the world’s biggest problems are solved with data”. We are all about finding the valuable patterns in data to make corporate operational activities smarter, more efficient and more personalised. Over the last 17 years we have developed a platform that quickly (in just 24 hours) and accurately (averages of 85% plus) finds these patterns in any data set. Once you have found the pattern you can act on it. Emerge has worked with leading insurers, banks, telcos and many others in South Africa and around the world to create immense operational value. We have offices in Johannesburg, London and NewYork and our clients and partners span 10 countries’ Most Innovative Encryption Products & Solutions Company 2019 - California Company: SafeLogic ‘SafeLogic provides FIPS 140-2 validated software and validation services that, in tandem, simplify and accelerate the process, yielding NIST certification in the client’s name in less than 8 weeks!’ Best Blockchain-Based eCommerce Platform 2019 - USA Company: The CyberMiles Foundation Best Demand Generation Marketing Agency 2019 – Pennsylvania Company: Square 2 Marketing Leading Media, Privacy and Confidentiality Lawyer of the Year, UK Taylor Hampton Solicitors Leading Mergers and Acquisitions Law firm of the Year, Belgium Strelia Best for Bespoke Investment Solutions and Asset Management 2019 - Bermuda Equilibria Capital Management LTD. Influential CEO of the Year 2019 - IT Management Solutions Name: Jordan Cram Company: Estoa Inc. 2019 CEO of the Year Awards