Issue 5 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 5 2019 31 Mar19178 Integra is a leading digital content services company providing innovative source-to-publish solutions to global publishers and digital learning solutions to organizations across diverse industry verticals. Following their success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards, we profiled Integra and caught up with Sriram Subramanya who provided us with a glimpse into the inner workings of the award-winning firm. ntegra’s leadership and expertise in end-to-end digital content solutions, content-focused technologies, and workflow solutions, help its global publishing customers maximize ‘ return on content production investments ’ and enterprise customers to deploy customized digital learning solutions for their workforce. “Drawing on our sectoral know-how and vast experience in working with publishers, we are helping them with their digital transformation journey through a wide range of content services and innovative technology solutions,” says Sriram as he begins to talk about how Integra’s products and platforms are helping publishers re-engineer their existing content production workflows. “Our digital solutions for educational publishers start when customers share a product roadmap with us. After a brief is delivered to Integra with the expected learning outcomes, our education content experts detail the concept into multiple components that cover the entire spectrum of core instructional materials, formative and summative assessments, assignments, instructor materials, and interactivities. Working with subject matter experts, Integra’s content development teams go on to build rich educational resources aimed at improving the efficacy and learning outcomes for the students.” “Accessibility is another strategic capability through which we help publishers in designing and developing fully accessible digital learning products. Our team of accessibility experts is capable of performing accessibility audits and support publishers with gap analysis, and remediation.” “We were excited quite early on, about the potential Extended Reality (XR) technologies like AR, MR, and VR across multiple industries — be it vocational training, medical education, engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, and others — and we have been investing in developing in-house capabilities for over five years. Our customers across industry verticals are equally excited about the possibilities that these technologies can deliver and have been enthusiastically working with us in developing engaging learning solutions using these technologies. These technologies are truly transformative!” Sharing an example of a ‘Wow’ moment that Integra was able to create for a customer providing learning solutions in medical education, Sriram continues, “We have recently developed a Mixed Reality module for a Nursing course, in which we not only enhanced the learning experience for the student learner, but also successfully built a formative assessment module within the MR experience to test the learning efficacy.” Enabling the firm to deliver these exceptional services is the dedicated, passionate and talented team which forms Integra’s backbone. Sriram reminisces, “What started as a 5-member team in 1994, is today a Creating Innovative Digital Content Solutions I 1,850+ strong organization with offices in ten cities across six countries. Our multi-skilled, multi-talented, and multi-national workforce is truly our strength and with their combined capabilities, we can consistently deliver measurable business outcomes for our customers.” When discussing the internal culture at Integra, Sriram is keen to highlight a significant aspect of the organization. “Integra is a women- friendly organization. We have received multiple awards and recognition over the years for our gender inclusivity and women-inclusive work policies. Today we’re proud to say that our organization comprises 60% women in the workforce with more than 40% across board and leadership positions.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Sriram signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at Integra, especially following their success in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade, Most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 – India. “Moving forward, Integra is committed to leverage cutting-edge technology and proven processes to create sustained success for our partners. By recognizing the need for technological innovation to stay relevant, Integra is championing an innovation-driven work-culture that would help us stay ahead. As our customer base now comprises organizations from different industry verticals, Integra will specifically concentrate on strengthening its products portfolio by investing in launching eight new products in the next five years to help our customers spearhead their digital transformation journey.” Company: Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Website: