AI Issue 5 2018

44 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2018 C&H Financial Services (CHFS) is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America with an over 8000% growth rate. We spoke to the company’s Chairman and CEO, Anthony Holder as we look for further insight into the success of the firm. ince its inception, CHFS has integrated with dozens of specialty management systems, catering to a wide range of niche markets including restaurants, retailers, e-commerce websites, educational and instructional facilities, automotive retailers and quick lube stations, as well as medical and dental practices. Boasting a wealth of experience and expertise, CFHS is licensed to distribute every make and model of payment processing hardware available to its markets, together with a range of products and services to help businesses through credit card processing solutions. CHFS also offers a Web-based payment gateway that allows merchants to process payments online, PCI compliance solutions that support secure payment acceptance, avoid fines, and minimise investigative objections in the event of a data breach; and Tin compliance solutions. The company allows merchants and mobile workforce to process payments through their mobile devices by converting smart phones into secure POS terminals, offers merchant cash advances to the owners of retail, eating and drinking, and service and seasonal businesses. Having worked with a variety of clients on an assortment of projects, Anthony talks us through the team’s approach to working with new clients, and tells us what methods the firm employs which have seen it achieve excellent results along with fantastic customer satisfaction. “With our consultative approach to merchant services, we customise our solution to fit each market segment’s demands. CHFS has been privileged to process on behalf of over 8200 merchants and those merchants have entrusted us with nearly $4Billion per year in payment card processing. Through our various processing platforms and Bank Sponsorships, CHFS has the unique position of never walking away from a merchant relationship because of technological hurdles. With our consultative approach to Company: C&H Financial Services, Inc. Contact: Anthony Holder, Chairman and CEO Address: 1 Westbrook Corporate Ctr, Ste 300, Westchester, Illinois 60154- 5709, USA Phone: 001 941 960 5292 Website: Exceptional Expertise Producing Unrivalled Results S 1805AI04 merchant services, we customise our solution to fit each market segment’s demands.” Featuring as AI’s CEO of the Year in Financial Services within Illinois, there are many attributes which Anthony possesses which have contributed to him achieving great success within the industry. Anthony told us what characteristics he believes have been integral to CHFS’ ongoing success. “For me, the most important aspect of our growth has been our support system. When we launched CHFS in 2013 as our lead marketing brand, we put our names on the company. CHFS is descriptive and stands for Costanzo and Holder Financial Services. James Costanzo and I launched CHFS after nearly 20 years of working together in the payment processing industry. James and I are lifelong friends and business partners and complement each other greatly. While James handles Operations and organic growth initiatives, I find myself spending more time on our strategic relationships and acquisitions. My brother David L. Holder Jr. and Michael Psaromatis have also played integral roles in our growth over the years and within our strategic vertical markets.” Ensuring that all staff are working towards achieving the same mission is important to Anthony. He explained his leadership style and what techniques he has developed which ensures that staff are motivated to always do their best. “While I am a firm believer in best practices and not micro managing, I stay involved in every aspect of the company at all times. We have built an incredible support staff that has grown and evolved over the years to know and exceed upper management expectations. It is crucial to have and follow your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). If you do not have these SOP’s outlined, you are setting your team up for failure. I check in with our team on a regular basis from the entry level customer service representative to senior management, my door is always open to them. Keeping my door open is the only way to keep my ear to the ground. I encourage my team to make decisions that would empower our