Issue 4 2023

6 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 Best Multi-Sector Virtual Assistant Company 2023 - USA nequim is an essential B2B helping hand. It benefits companies by fulfilling their visions through recruitment of the right remote professionals for their team. Its virtual assistants can help with, to name a few, accounting services, administrative support and property management services. It can also support human resources and customer services for businesses. In many ways, its team is like a secret weapon. Such is the bonus businesses can gain from using them. Anequim was founded in 2016 by Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen. It has since made it its mission to help businesses access and gain the advantages of affordable virtual assistant services. It all began for the couple in 2008, when they hired their very first remote employee. This was a friend and past colleague who came onboard to help with VoIP calls for their property management business. The support the couple received from this first virtual assistant helped them provide better customer service and grow faster than ever before. It was a revelation, and by 2015 they had brought 26 remote professionals onboard. This is what inspired them to help more businesses like their own. Anequim has direct experience of hiring, training and developing remote professionals. Its processes and procedures have been honed, and now it provides effective services to many businesses in the US and Canada. Anequim has a team of experts handling things such as recruitment, onboarding, learning, development, performance and compensation management. Its network of remote professionals is ready to support companies with administrative, accounting, marketing needs and more. The way it works is first Anequim identifies its clients’ unique needs and seeks to pair them with the best virtual assistant talent. It does this by utilizing its own pre-existing talent pool, as well as by posting jobs online, to search out the best qualified candidates. Anequim handles all aspects of the recruitment process, from advertising to offering positions. The next step is to ensure competencies, identifying any learning and development that may be required. Everything can be tailored to the needs of the client, and thus any additional training necessary will be taken care of. Anequim will work with its clients to set appropriate objectives and KPIs for the virtual assistants. Each quarter it will liaise with the clients and their virtual staff to ensure these objectives are being achieved. There is also regular feedback A Jan23807 and coaching provided for both clients and their remote workers to enhance performance management. Anequim will also provide expert guidance regarding annual reviews, bonuses and promotion compensation for its clients’ virtual assistant(s). It recognises the importance of staying competitive but fair over such things. Anequim lives by certain values that underpin all of its actions. It believes in kindness which is relayed by showing professionalism and respect in all interactions. Diversity, shown through its role as an inclusive company. Growth, which is reflected in its intentions to develop others, and also to take risks. Anequim also believes in integrity and will always do what is right. Lastly, the company values owning the outcome. This is shown through producing results to be proud of and precision in execution. With such a strong moral compass and success in their field, it’s little wonder that Anequim has been awarded the Best Multi-Sector Virtual Assistant Company 2023 – USA. Indeed, it is clear its commitment to creating exceptional teams of virtual assistants is winning them scores of happy clients. Company: Anequim Contact: Jorge Ortiz Web Address: Virtual assistants are proving to be something of a triumph for many businesses. Anequim, with many years of exceptional experience in the sector, is here to help. It is connecting American/Canadian entrepreneurs, property managers and SMEs with highly skilled bilingual Mexican virtual assistants. This has made Nebraska-based Anequim into one of the largest remote employers in Mexico.