Issue 4 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 17 irstly,can you give us an overview of MaximizeValue Consulting? If you want a lecture, you are in the wrong place! If you want a traditional training approach, we won’t be a good fit. If you want engaging facilitation, we are the best in the business. If you came looking for transformational content, you found it! At Maximize Value, we believe our clients are our heroes, serving is a superpower, epiphanies are the force multiplier, and humans are always a company’s greatest asset. Intentionally, you won’t find us at the top of your newsfeed or as a sponsor on your favorite podcast. Instead, we are the recommendation between friends. We always have, and always will make it a priority to answer to the needs of our customers rather than the needs of investors. And because we stay laser-focused on serving our clients, we’ve been able to help tens of thousands of leaders and sales professionals become masters of their crafts. What would you say are the defining qualities of your business? At Maximize Value Consulting we differentiate ourselves with datadriven content customization, the best facilitators the industry has to offer, and world-class digital resources to help any team keep learning anytime, anywhere. Our clients and partners say Maximize Value is unique because of: Edutainment: It is adult learning, but fun! Maximize Value makes vegetables (knowledge) taste like sugar (entertainment). Obscurity: The content is un-ChatGPT-able and un-Googleable. Data: No more guessing! The development experience is data-driven. The other differentiating factor that matters to our partners is the investment structure. There’s a reason that you won’t see a Maximize Value commercial while watching the Super Bowl. Instead of wasting millions on advertising, we make it a point of pride to offer our services at a rate significantly less than the big-box corporate consulting companies. Can you tell us a bit more about what makes you an awardwinning business? Since 2016, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people all over the world, but we remain energized by the fact that several of our partners have been in partnership with us since day one. Having that kind of loyalty to our brand is a tremendous honor, and we are appreciative of all the people who placed a bet on us when we were just getting started. It is primarily because of their loyalty to our brand that we’ve been able to refrain from all traditional marketing and social media marketing and just use word-of-mouth and referral-based selling to expand our reach. F Thanks to our loyal partners, we have the privilege of impacting professionals in nearly every major city in America and six different countries around the globe. At the end of the day, one of the greatest rewards any business can receive is the honor of having repeat customers. This type of loyalty is a point of pride for us as a company, and we are grateful to have such tremendous partners all over the world. How do you approach every endeavour with innovation in mind? To prepare for what’s coming, we keep reminding ourselves that if AI or a robot can do it now or in the future, it won’t be valuable. Our company’s unique differentiators are now and will continue to be AI-proof. In the same vein, we’ve already converted all of our content into digital assets and are currently using our digital training platform to create transformational development experiences for our partners. We understand that if our clients and prospects don’t have instant and frictionless access to our expertise, we won’t have demand in our industry. Ultimately, we aren’t afraid of what’s coming, but we are prepared for it. Do you have any advice for existing businesses and enterprises to come? Remember that there are a lot of unwanted, un-asked-for, poorly designed, hard-to-understand solutions available. Don’t offer something that people don’t want and don’t sell something that people don’t understand. Stop trying to be the company that thinks you are so good that you can sell popsicles to Alaskans in the Winter. Be the expert who knows it might be more effective and beneficial to sell them firewood. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly is to remember that your efforts will be better served if you stop trying to convince everyone of something. There are already plenty of people who see what you see. Go find them. Don’t get so focused on those who don’t want what you’re offering that you forget to reach those who do. Where Can People Find You & Your Business? Company Name: Maximize Value Consulting Email: Phone: 859.359.0265 Address: 452 Spencely Ct. Covington, KY 41015 Company Website: Friday Inspirational Newsletter: Published Books: Winning the title of Top Leadership Provider in Kentucky 2023, we spoke with Chase Kreger from Maximize Value Consulting to find out more. Sep22252 Data-Driven Consulting for a Sturdy Future Feb23549