Issue 4 2022

8 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 Feb22054 Dialogue Cloud Communications Platform Secures Success Customers expect the best of the best when it comes to the service experience but providing this level of service requires a holistic experience. The team at Anywhere365® have revolutionised business communications. In 2022’s Global Excellence Awards from Acquisition International, the team were named Most Innovative Cloud-Based Contact Centre Platform 2022 – Europe. For the second year in a row. o one has unlimited time on their hands, so making the most of what resources you have is crucial to achieving success. The use of digital solutions is intrinsic to this approach and is where Anywhere365® thrives. The company’s entire approach is due, in no small part, to the way in which they believe that digital transformation for customer engagement centers can be achieved through a focus on the full dialogue experience, instead of only the customer experience. Customer inquiries are peaking, and companies are struggling to manage all their conversations. But adding more bodies to a contact center means higher budgets and increasingly complex organizations. It doesn’t improve the ‘warehouse of time’ for a company or its customers. Just like focusing on technology as a solution will in many cases waste – not win – time. Gijs Geurts, Chief Executive Officer, Anywhere365® explains: “We always want to be at the forefront of technology. Not because of technology, but because it’s our mission to maximize the potential of every perishable minute in any dialogue. We enhance communications productivity by speeding up valuable interactions, not warming up more seats. By delivering first time right answers, not time-consuming end points.” Anywhere365® has thrived because it fully leverages the Microsoft Ecosystem. Their Dialogue Cloud platform drives both customer experiences and workforce productivity through the use of their client’s incredible store of data. This data has immense power in the right hands, but must be carefully handled to secure the best possible results. The companies that have adopted this approach have been able to incorporate dialogues which have enhanced service desks, contact centers, account sales teams and other heavy communicators. Reducing unnecessary dialogue saves time for both company and customer. To do this, Anywhere365® draws on every available source to drive an omnichannel experience. Their low code Dialogue Studio, for example, enables the platform to integrate with any API-based tools for intelligence and bot automation. Users can simply drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas. In the 21st Century, companies operate with hundreds of potential customers and it can be difficult to N keep the proper information at their fingertips. This knowledge can be used by AI bots to give customers the right information at the right time questions to a live agent, based on their skills and geography to name but a few. Since its inception, Anywhere365® has proven to be an invaluable resource. With more than 2,000 clients in over 60 countries and working with 30+ businesses that are members of Fortune 500 Global, it’s clear that many trust the Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud platform to deliver exceptional results. The secret of the success has been the development of a program which offers an easy path to adoptability. Insteadof takingMicrosoft Teams to the contact center, Anywhere365® takes contact center capabilities to every Teams user in a company. This decision is what has driven many companies forward, as their staffs have been able to adapt to this familiar layout with ease. Agent adoption rates are unparalleled. To maintain the high standards that people have come to expect, the Anywhere365® team are always investing in ways to improve and develop their leading solutions. In the rapidly moving digital landscape, it’s not enough to settle. Technology is constantly evolving, and opening up new opportunities, and businesses are always looking for ways to enhance their results and improve their efficiency across the board. As the world continues to change, the need for an approach to business communications which is as efficient as possible is clear. The team at Anywhere365® have thrived by finding new ways of inducing efficiency. It’s an ongoing task, but one they are certain to continue excelling at. Their dream of a unified contact center solution has finally come true. Company: Anywhere365® Name: Hans Kramer, Chief Marketing Officer Email: