Issue 4 2022

28 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 Feb22541 Award Winning CloudBased Communication Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a category of “as a service” or “Cloud” delivery mechanisms for enterprize communications. These procedures allow the linking of data between one source to another, in no time. CallTower supports a wide variety of customers around the globe with its comprehensive end-to-end Unified Communications (UC) connections and here we would like to congratulate the team as it wins Best Cloud-Based Enterprise Communications Firm 2022 – USA. nified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) first came to prominence in 2014, on the heels of the Cloud computing movement. It was discovered that, with UCaaS, unified communications services can be made available from the Cloud to businesses from Server Message Block (SMB) to an enterprise. Developed by the IT group IBM in 1983, SMB is a client/server protocol that governs access to files and whole directories, as well as other network resources like printers, routers, or interfaces open to the network. Information exchange between the different processes of a system (also known as inter-process communication) can be handled based on the SMB protocol. The benefits of UCaaS revolve around how it has improved reliability of voice solutions, ease of management and effortless reporting on usage, security that is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, SOX regulations, reduced IT workloads, flexibility, streamlined user experiences throughout existing applications that work with CRM and businesscritical applications, and much more. Its scalability is absolutely necessary and is delivered with comfort and decreased maintenance through a single point of contact for troubleshooting via each provider. This is where CallTower comes in. CallTower is the top Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) provider 2022. And, based on several G2 reviews, it has 93% of users rating 4 or 5 stars, 92% customer recommendation rating, 98% ease of doing business with, and the highest quality of support amongst all providers. CallTower has the power to ensure its customers are able to manage fast-paced changes in the world of technology through its user-friendly portal – Connect. This special system enables its customers can apply and administer services without the expertise they would need to learn – proficiency that is best left to the experts. As procedures such as these can be a minefield of terminology and complex processes, CallTower offers its easy solutions and irreplaceable advice to its customers from all around the world. CallTower makes sure its customers can experience its specialist wisdom for a plethora of reasons, so that they don’t have to source outside consultants to manage their Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Connect is an application built for speed, efficiency, and user-friendly qualities. It is a web browser extension that can add or manage CallTower hosted Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco HCS, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud SIP, Email and Conferencing solutions. CallTower Connect places powerful communication tools within an easy to use application. By using Connect, businesses and U individuals can reduce their administrative workload, and improve communication across many platforms. And it only takes a few clicks! As UC spirals at an exponential rate it accelerates indefinitely. This can elevate the technology being used by businesses of all sizes everywhere. UC stretches far and wide across all kinds of businesses in any industry and these businesses are sure to understand the value of bringing together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration into a flawless and harmonious business setting. This is something that has been truly tested throughout the global pandemic due to the fact that so many people have had to work from home for at least a portion of the last couple of years. CallTower has been able to raise the bar with its services as the demand has increased rapidly. Not only has Covid-19 made working from home more common, but it has also seen a lot of businesses re-evaluating their technology systems for its UC processes. CallTower has taken on the challenge and increased the productivity of businesses that have not been able to use their technology at full capacity in the past – Covid-19 related or otherwise. CallTower is aware that the greatest challenge is actually taking the first step in the right direction. But it is more than capable of lending its helping hand for any project, large or small. By answering all questions fired at it, CallTower makes the UC Buyer’s Journey successful and entirely beneficial. CallTower’s blog takes its customers through some simple processes to do with their technology systems, tips on cyber security, and much more. Here however we would like to draw attention to its insights into the utilization of the internet and cybersecurity that go hand-inhand with one another. CallTower understands that every business needs to use the internet for a wide variety of reasons, or they would be nothing. However, so many businesses fall at the first hurdle when choosing the best cybersecurity systems. By having a basic cybersecurity solution, hackers and malicious activity/viruses are much more able to retrieve sensitive information – or even take down at least a huge chunk of the business in question. The software being used will impact the business in many ways – and with tons of employees working for them, something is bound to go wrong if none of them have the best cover available to them. High security should be the aim of the game and, in the end, prioritising safety will mean a better outcome for all business actions. Not only does full-coverage security entail a system free of viruses, but it also ensures there are no leaks of important information to the outside