Issue 4 2022

26 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 Feb22497 Pictures Worth A Thousand Words The realm of photography is a wild, free, and passion-filled industry that enables people to express themselves – from behind the camera to in front of it. Whether you like to take pictures or participate in modelling, photography is an artform that ties expression with personality and extravagant livelihood. Meero has now won Most Innovative On-Demand Photography Platform 2022 – Europe as it provides thousands of people with creative beings from around the world, for every project imaginable. ince its beginning in 2016, Meero has been sharing its creativity straight from its beating heart. Meero is a ground-breaking hosting platform that allows photographers from across the globe to find jobs, with support on invoicing to post-production and delivery of work. By doing the leg work for photographers, Meero is finding ways to help photographers. Meero works with photographers to connect them with top brands and consumers so that they don’t have to worry about finding them themselves. This means that photographers can spend more time doing what they love, and less time doing what may be holding them back or complicating things for them. This is Meero’s mission – to make things easier for each and every photographer that it works with. This is achieved by its development of revolutions and instruments that deliver to businesses and, soon, to consumers with customized photo and video shoots everywhere imaginable. By offering end-to-end management, unmatched prices, and top quality results, Meero is able to stun every consumer that its clients come into contact with – guaranteeing them returning customers and a sturdier income. All of this is delivered within 24 hours or less, so that you can be sure to experience the best, in next to no time. Meero’s CEO, Thomas Rebaud, says, “We have to fight for the creative among us to be able to use their time and energy to create. That’s why we here at Meero dedicate our time and our talent to developing tools designed to improve the daily lives of photographers all around the world. By removing the mundane tasks that creators have to do, they can focus on what they love to do: create.” His attitude truly reflects the attitude of the entire Meero team, mission, brand, goals, and values. It’s all about using positive creative energy to discover passion and feed the fire in our core – a passion that makes everything possible. With Meero, you can fuel your fire and create something exceptional and extraordinary to be proud of with every fibre of your being. As a family unit, Meero is promoting togetherness – especially in a world that can feel so divided at times. It is ‘fam’ (family) and each member of staff is treated as such – with the greatest respect and S care. Its team provides a space for photographers to grow and express themselves as they embark on their journeys or continue living their dreams. What’s more, Meero has been rated excellently on its gender equality index – it is truly creating a space where everyone can flourish and thrive, together. Not only does the team compliment one another, but it also compliments the work of each client as they develop and showcase their skills – increasing their chances of making connections that will last a long time. That’s not all! Meero wants to make magic for the future of its clients. Magic is the aim of the game for Meero as it uses cuttingedge technology to aid people. By using dual-deep convolutional neural networks to create an algorithm that learns from manual editing of photographs, Meero’s technology allows for image development on a massive scale. This algorithm is inspired by the way the human brain works – with gradient-based learning, the neural network that mimics brain function can produce results just as good as a living breathing photographer when editing photographs. Of course the true enchantment comes from the passion and skill of the professional photographer however, Meero’s AI editing is a revolutionary development in the industry – allowing for thousands (if not more) photographs to be expertly edited for the consumer. Our main focus is on Meero as the Most Innovative On-Demand Photography Platform 2022 – Europe but its technology is worth noting as it really makes a difference to the output of its clients. Making things easier for everyone, this platform is certainly a desirable, efficient, and invaluable tool in the industry. Acquisition International is now celebrating its win and we would like to wish Meero a very happy, prosperous, and innovative continuation on its path to glory. Contact: Gaetan Rougevin Baville Company: Meero Web Address: