Issue 4 2022

18 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 Feb22447 The People-Focused Business. Personio has focused on one of the most important aspects of business life – people. Recognised as Europe’s Most Innovative HR Technology Company, Personio is renowned for its team’s dedication in supporting its clients to improve people processes and free up time for HR teams to focus on strategic issues. ince the foundation of the business, Personio has been able to help over 6,000 HR teams across Europe move beyond admin activities and focus their efforts on what matters most – people. Established in 2015 by Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin and Jonas Rieke, the business has been on a mission to give HR teams the ability to spend time effectively and efficiently on the areas of most importance. Personio’s Head of Northern Europe, Ben Kiziltug, expands on this, stating, “Personio makes the core HR stuff that has to happen in every company as simple and efficient as possible. Because if you get it wrong - or spend too much time getting them right - your strategic HR initiatives will never get off the ground.” At Personio, the company mainly focuses on small and mid-sized organisations; however, it supports various businesses and clients in a wide range of sectors at varying growth stages. For Personio, the overall goal is to arm these organisations with the tools needed for their HR teams to excel. Ben explains the reasoning for the company’s focus on these organisations, stating: “Our software was built for small and mid-sized organisations in Europe. We aim to give these businesses - the backbone of the European economy - access to the tools and services that have previously been the domain of larger businesses.” Currently, the modern world for HR has evolved and adapted to the rise of digitalisation. HR teams have had to adjust their own processes and interactions with other teams across the business to get things done. Personio aims to automate common digital processes, a concept known as ‘People Workflow Automation’. “One example here is recruitment. If multiple signatures are needed on a contract to hire a candidate, this can cause delays and in worstcase, lead to missed opportunities. Automating workflows between departments can mitigate these delays - imagine contracts going through legal, to the candidate, and to the responsible business partner for signature automatically. We call this ‘People Workflow Automation,’ and believe it will be core to allowing HR teams to take a more strategic role in businesses,” explains Ben. Personio has been recognised for its innovative HR efforts and exceptional customer service, as well as the potential for ‘People Workflow Automation’ to be heavily utilised in business. The S customer service team ensures that clients receive exceptional service regardless of their queries. Whether clients have questions or additional challenges t, Personio will be there every step of the way. “Our staff are vitally important to us. Our belief that people are the single biggest driver of success for businesses extends beyond our team to our customers” states Ben. Moreover, Personio keeps its client in close contact and up to date with any information through its customer newsletter. The newsletter aims to give clients updates on new features, provide exclusive customer offers and even invitations to customer events, user studies and beta tests, – distinguishing the business amongst traditional HR technology companies. Additional features at Personio are its support hub, which was designed as a centralised area that provides a wide range of information that is directly accessible for customers. The past few years have been incredibly difficult for organisations in Europe, and in particular SMEs. “Covid-19 thrust ‘people’ into the spotlight. This meant that HR teams took a more central role in their organisations, helping to navigate a changing world of work. This need to focus on people also underlined that HR teams have for some time been underserved by software that reduces the admin burden and unlocks time for them to add strategic value,” says Ben. Additionally, the pandemic has had an incredible impact on talent. Ben explains this, continuing, “Unprecedented numbers of employees are considering leaving roles, and are choosier about who employs them, with work-life balance issues coming to the fore alongside salary. As a result, today’s organisations need to work harder to attract and retain their talent.” For now, the next year will be dedicated to helping its customers continue to succeed. In doing so, Personio aims to build its technical capabilities in automating processes to make its customers’ lives easier. Company Name: Personio Contact Name: Ben Kiziltug Web Address: Contact Email: