Issue 4 2022

12 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 Feb22272 Tools Of The Future Organizations make better decisions when they can understand the depth of the data available to them. In Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards, the team at 21strategies were awarded the title of Most Innovative B2B Deep Tech Solutions Company 2022 – Germany for their work leveraging AI for precisely this purpose. We dig a little deeper to uncover how they did it. he human race has barely tapped the surface of the power of AI and deep tech. In the right hands, it could revolutionize the ways in which we think and work, opening up exciting new possibilities. Many see AI as a replacement for people, but the team at 21strategies see it as a resource that can help their clients move more quickly and agilely than ever before. Their vision is one where humans share the planet with smart machines, which are able to execute cognitive tasks at machine speeds. By outsourcing the thinking to AI, humanity will be able to understand the world in a totally different way. Instead of working from uncertain assumptions, businesses can establish tactical and strategic decision superiority. The tech stack they offer as Enterprise AI learns from descriptive, contextual models, taking even the most limited data and building an effective solution from it. Mainstream models of AI require massive amounts of data to achieve comparable results. The challenge of building these next-gen AI solutions is what the 21strategies team specialize in. Modeling such solutions, however, T demands a detailed knowledge of the domain in which it is taking place. As such 21strategies provides f three domains, namely the supply chain, national security and capital markets. This strong focus means that the products they offer are consistently high achievers across all sectors. Their product, HEDGE21, for example is tailored to make optimal decisions when and how to hedge currency or commodity risk. It also addresses any corporation with supply chain challenges such as currency exposure or commodity spread risk. The team’s other innovative product, TACTICS21, however is an AI training platform. This does not train clients, but educates the AI in the making of tactics and optimal decisions at engagements in complex environments. Such a resource is a powerful tool in the world of national security. The world of AI is naturally disruptive, but the 21strategies team have positioned themselves in sectors which appreciate consistency. The creative ideas and concepts that the team champion are not yet appreciated because many do not understand them. As such, whilst the team are shaping the future, the very concept of how invaluable next-gen AI could be remains a mystery for the majority of people. That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift as the way in which we work shifts towards digitalization and hyperconnectedness. Such a dynamic environment places new pressures on businesses to work with increasing data streams, and is the ideal place to deploy next-gen AI solutions. With so many variables to consider, from economic woes to political shifts, the ability of AI to hedge bad and worst case scenarios to an optimal solution is an invaluable resource. The success of the 21strategies team has been through their way of constantly interrogating the ethical, legal and societal ramifications of operating such a high class of AI. This shifting dynamic is what drives the team forward. Their plans currently span the next seven years, following a grand vision which will be achieved through agile strategy. 2022 will see the HEDGE21 product enhanced, with TACTICS21 introduced to the broader public through a big red-carpet event. This expansion will allow the business to grow to its next round of funding. When thinking of the future, it pays to look at the people who will shape it. When we look at the team from 21strategies, we see a business which is defining the way in which we look at AI in business for many years to come. Company: 21strategies Name: Yvonne Hofstetter Email: Web Address: