Issue 4 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 4 2021 29 Jan21316 The Energy To Move Fast, The Experience To Know Where Nolands Capital is driven by a young team, with the executive and board support of proven business professionals and acknowledged industry leaders. It is a special collaboration of energy and experience that gives Nolands Capital a significant and unusual edge in the markets its services. ed by CEO Stuart Noland, 32, the company started working remotely barely a year after start-up which has encouraged, even demanded, a high degree of agility and responsiveness in the way it operates. “We were determined that the challenges presented by the pandemic should not be seen in any way by the team as some sort of reigning in of our ambition. Instead, the systems we’ve put in place have become an in-built strength that has improved efficiencies as well as our speed of decision making, response and delivery” he says. “During this period, we have worked alongside our clients through the highs and lows, in industries such as hospitality and agriculture, and gained invaluable knowledge and experience. COVID-19 has had a massive impact on both, and we have worked hard in unprecedented circumstances to help provide the sort of quality information that can help them normalize business performance and assist in decision making.” Stuart, educated at the Universities of Cape Town and Oxford, brought with him a broad spectrum of both academic achievement and high- level experience from his time at KPMG and Bain Consulting. Apart from leading the team at Nolands Capital, he also plays the pivotal role of identifying and drawing on resources within the broader Nolands company when needed. “This sort of collaboration is very important” he says “When we need an extra brain to pick, it’s a phone call away. Having this level of trusted co-operation is vital in keeping our core team compact and fast.” As a corporate finance house, Nolands Capital specialises in helping clients and their business achieve their goals across short, medium and long term horizons. There are three areas of specialisation: mergers & acquisitions, transactional services and management consulting. On both buy and sell side transactions, clients are fully supported, end -to-end. “In our work, a critical aspect lies in accurate company valuation. It is the central influence to just about every decision our clients make, whether they are selling or buying. With a listed company, the valuation process is pegged by the markets and is there for all to see, day by day. We work in a fundamentally different space and it is crucial we get it right. We make use of the best tech and mathematical modelling available and combine it with the right people and their insight and knowledge. It’s something we want to be known for as a stand-out Nolands Capital skill.” L The team also works closely with clients to raise capital (debt or equity) to assist them to grow their business and maximise shareholder value. For more complex engagements, Nolands Capital specialises in performing acquisition due diligence to inform clients as to the risks and provide assurance for the buyer to go ahead with the deal. Its management consultant advisory services include robust financial modelling, advice to improve the client’s operational / financial performance and IFRS compliant valuations. As with the rest of the Nolands company, Nolands Capital is focussed on the value of building relationships with clients that are both strong and open. This includes keeping clients informed of real-time issues, provide strategic assistance to remain efficient, effective and flexible to adapt to the specific circumstances at hand. “We are building a competitive advantage by consistently delivering bespoke solutions at industry competitive prices. A key differentiation is that we offer a tailored rather than a prescriptive solution. We know that many competitors provide a solution based on previous experiences, so projects can default to cut-and-paste exercises. Our clients remain involved throughout the engagement so that, together, we achieve the optimal solution. We work collaboratively with our clients, rather than at or for them” says Stuart. Ultimately, Nolands Capital solution delivery is underpinned whenever necessary by Nolands South Africa and Nolands International, with high level skills in Tax, Audit and Law. The Nolands company has nine offices in South Africa and six internationally. It is also a member of Geneva Capital Group and Geneva Group International, giving the company access to 870 member offices in 126 countries. As the team look ahead, one of their main goals moving forward is to keep on expanding and delivering an exceptional service to clients. Name: Stuart Noland | Company: Nolands Capital Email: [email protected] Website: | Tel.: +27 21 658 6600