Issue 4 2021

20 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2021 Feb21484 Redefining Communication Investis Digital is a global communications company that is establishing itself as a revolutionary leader of digital connectivity. Championing cutting-edge technology that allows brands to tell their stories and engage on a deeper level with their customers, Investis provides communications platforms that are proven to drive business success. We dig deeper into Investis to find out more about its market-leading digital communication systems, and the team that has built them. or more than two decades, the global communications company, Investis Digital, has dedicated itself to creating digital experiences that build trust between businesses and their audiences and consequently drive business performance. Empowered by a potent combination of expertise, technology, and customer-centric service, Investis has established itself as a trusted communications partner to some of the world’s most visible companies, helping them to create connections with their own clients, by boosting brand affinity and reputation, resilience, influence, revenue and engagement. Ultimately, the services of Investis are geared towards realising the initiatives of their clients within the spheres of content and communication, working alongside them to support them in generating content to designing the sites that will host that content. Investis’ 24/7 full-service offering is equipped to support its clients from start to finish, handling strategy, content, design, development, deployment, optimisation and amplification in service powered by data-driven insights and decades of experience working with more than 1600 global industry leaders, such as Vodafone, Ocado, Rolls Royce, Ascential and many more. The result is measurable and repeatable outcomes that drive business success. Connected Content Investis’ unique approach is one that combines the strategy of corporate communications with the innovation of a creative studio, the attentiveness of a 24/7 global service model, and the results of a leading performance marketing business, all underpinned by a world-class technology platform. Connected Content, the proprietary communications technology that is championed by Investis, is central to the company’s success in marrying compelling communications and intelligent digital experiences that connect with audiences on a more profound level. The unified approach of Connected Content is one that has only recently begun to take flight in the world of communications, but is one that Investis has been promoting for several years. By aligning the core moving parts of a successful communications campaign through cutting-edge technology with integrated security, Investis has created a platform on which businesses can tell their brand stories through strategic and engaging content, and which has been purpose-built for durability in an increasingly digital and privacy-first world. To that end, one of the key functions of Connected Content is the creation and running of intelligent, ‘bullet-proof’ websites that employ strategized marketing techniques to generate tangible results while respecting consumer privacy. F As digital communications continue to take greater precedence on a global stage as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Investis’ reputation for reliable digital communications services has accelerated demand for its expertise over the last year. Fuelled primarily by the Connected Content technology, Investis has diversified its digital offering to accommodate the industry shift towards tech-powered communications. Investis Digital Live, for instance, is a digital-first service that has seen astronomical growth during the pandemic, with many Investis clients who usually managed several in-person events each year having to adapt to virtual mediums. Investis, which has deep experience managing webcasts and virtual events ranging from investor days to employee meetings, launched its Digital Live service as a means to offer a secure platform on which clients could create compelling events. Since its launch, the dedicated professionals and proprietary technology behind Digital Live have successfully supported more than 750 businesses each year in managing webcasts and virtual events affordably and securely. Elsewhere, Investis is focusing its attention on how it can shape market trends in an effort to propel future growth. For example, with the rise of remote working encouraged by the pandemic, Investis has recognised a surge in businesses investing more heavily in integrated, digital- based communications. The Connect.IQ report, that was created by Investis as a benchmark for businesses to measure the performance of their websites, is an example of how the firm is evolving to match the changing market and developing thought leadership within the sphere of digital communications. Now, the report has become the industry standard against which businesses measure the success of their communications, assessing how well they are connecting with their stakeholders or how effectively they are communicating their brand story or mission. In 2021, Connect.IQ will receive a major update that will include the world’s most comprehensive review of global publicly traded enterprises within the industry. Meanwhile, as increasing digitisation of business operations and communications fuels an uptick in security threats and changes in data privacy law, Investis is again well-equipped to offer its clients solutions within the fields of security and privacy. Connect.ID is another of Investis’ market-leading platforms, that has integrated security and data protection into its design. The built-in cyberthreat prevention system is complete with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection and malicious traffic analysis and prevention. When combined with SEO-optimised CMS with advanced analytics, the intelligent Connect.ID technology can be effectively and efficiently implemented into high performance websites that prioritise consumer privacy in a matter of weeks after a client’s initial consultation with the Investis team.