Issue 4 2021

16 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2021 to other areas of the law. Marife limits the amount of cases that she accepts so as to ensure that each of her clients will receive the amount of personal dedication and attention that each case deserves, always striving to achieve positive results through fully ethical means. This, in turn, has transferred into consistently positive results on her clients’ behalf, and an enormous degree of client trust and satisfaction. While she has worked solo for some time, Marife sees the value in part-time, project-based legal assistance to assist with the preparation of forms and simpler tasks. She is in the process of selectively expanding her staff to help her meet the needs of an increasing number of clients seeking her services, which is just another way in which she demonstrates her incredible capacity. With the ongoing immigration crisis in the USA, it is clear that there is a need for high quality, yet ethical, attorneys. Marife stands as one of the very best in the business. Her work is exemplary, leading the field when it comes to this complex and varied area of legal business. Company: Nazario Yordan Law, PLLC Name: Marife Nazario-Yordan, Esq. Web Address: Email: t the heart of Nazario Yordan Law, PLLC is Marife Nazario- Yordan herself. Having garnered over twenty years’ experience as an immigration, corporate, securities, and real estate attorney, there is very little in the field that she hasn’t seen and isn’t more than qualified to tackle. But her passion lies in immigration law, and with years of corporate, securities, and real estate law at her back whilst also having trained with one of the best EB-5 firms in the United States, she tackles this complex and hybrid field of immigration law like very few can. The firm runs the full gamut of immigration services to clients from a variety of backgrounds. This means that multinational executives, managers, foreign investors, researchers and scholars, and professionals, as well as TPS, asylum and waivers’ seekers and individual aliens have come through her doors, whether seeking temporary visas, green cards, or removal defense once in Court. Each has been given the opportunity to share their story, and has come into Marife’s office with hope that is based on the success that this outstanding attorney has achieved for other clients. Because she has such extensive experience in the field of EB-5 process, Marife is able to represent not just the individual EB-5 foreign investors, which many attorneys might do, but also the Regional Centers and project developers that sponsor EB-5 projects with respect to their daily EB-5 operations and compliance needs. It ensures that her offering is not only highly specialized, but highly like to get the best possible results. As the only attorney at Nazario Yordan Law, Marife has had to build a system where she can tackle the workload herself. She is well positioned to assist people through a range of different structures, such as project developers in seeking initial USCIS RC designation (as applicable), structuring their projects so they become EB-5 eligible and compliant, or representing individual foreign investors through all phases of the EB-5 petition process. She ensures that the preparation and filing of individual I-526 and I-829 petitions goes smoothly and in checks the boxes of all types to applicable laws, to guarantee a quick and smooth transition through the immigration process avoiding RFEs and maximizing the chances for success. Despite the challenges of working alone, Marife is able to offer a truly boutique service to her clients. She directly and personally directs all of the work that comes through her door, taking a deep interest in the needs of her clients. This focus has yielded some high quality, ethical, reliable, and creative legal solutions within a personalized and attentive service setting. Many in the immigration field are volume-based firms as a result of the relatively low fees that immigration work yields when compared A The world of immigration law is infinitely complex, made more challenging by the high emotional engagement with which many approach the field. Nazario Yordan Law, PLLC stands apart from the crowd, and has been recognized as the Best Boutique Immigration Law Firm 2021 – Florida in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards. We dug a little deeper to discover the secrets behind the firm’s success. Borders of Success Feb21328